March and April one second a day

It’s been a while since I posted the latest one of these, so it’s two months in one!

Some monthly highlights:

  • Our bub is growing bigger (and so is my belly)
  • Family and friends time
  • Lots of good food and treats
  • Our 6 month wedding anniversary
  • Beautiful weather and plenty of time at the beach
  • Exciting sporting events
  • Tons of birthdays

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February one second a day

I started the One Second a Day project in January, which you can review here. I’ve been keen to share February, but because of the secrecy surrounding my pregnancy I wasn’t able to share it.

And now the news is out there – I can!

Notable events for the month:

  • Finding out I was pregnant
  • My parent’s reaction when they found out (I would have recorded Mario’s parents reactions but he told them when I wasn’t there!)
  • Moving into our new home
  • Aunty Lynnie’s undies (the background on this one is that my mum bought my cousin’s bub some undies, which she loved; from that point on she would only wear “Aunty Lynnie’s undies”, and for my mum’s birthday she bought her some of her own undies – hence why they’re holding up undies)
  • The sad passing of Uncle Alf, Mario’s uncle

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January one second a day

This year I read about a really cool app, and thought I would give it a go. The idea is to capture a 1 second video each day, combining them together into one long video. 

I only found out about it a few days in, so I had to use photos for the first few days. Admittedly there were a few other days I’ve forgotten and had to use photos for those days too, but I’ve always had something to use for the day. 

The app is called 1 Second Everyday. It’s been super easy to use, and a lot of fun to see the video grow! I’ve also kicked myself repeatedly for the days I didn’t shoot in landscape – WTF was I thinking? Oh, one of them was Mario’s fault too *grin*

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