An afternoon of massages and dukkah

One of my 52’s this year was to get a massage, because who needs an excuse, right? As a bonus, last year my work all chipped and bought us an amazing wedding gift –  an afternoon at Iketan Day Spa in Noosa. It’s been a bit of a crazy start to the year, which meant we hadn’t had a good opportunity to use it.

I finally chose a random weekend we had spare, called and booked it. Later, I realised I had booked it the day after our monthly anniversary date, so I pretended it was intentional.

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Camping at Pinbarren (our first time using Youcamp)

Mario and I love to go camping, but unfortunately we don’t have the time to get away as often as we like.  To encourage us, I had added to my 2017 52s list to go camping with friends this year. We had tried to plan a few trips, but due to schedules it never came to fruition. Finally, we realised that based on the pregnancy we had to go soon or else the opportunity was going to pass by.

It was recently our 6 month wedding anniversary so I decided a revision to the 52 was in order (something I’m allowing myself to do this year). Instead of going with friends  we decided that we would book ourselves a weekend away to celebrate the anniversary. Thus the 52 was modified to go somewhere new.

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Sofies on tour: Last day in Kyoto

Tori gates in Kyoto

It was our last full day in Kyoto, so we started off by writing a wish list of all the things that we still wanted to do. The aim was to try and achieve as many as possible before we left for Tokyo. We knew it would probably mean yet another long day, but given the following day was going to be mostly filled with sitting at stations or on trains we knew that we had plenty of recovery time up our sleeves.

Unfortunately Mario had come down with the early symptoms of a cold and had an extremely sore throat. Japan is fairly well known for their cultural protocol to wear masks, meaning that if you’re not well that you wear a face mask to prevent the spread of germs. Thus, first stop was to the local Family Mart to pick up a bag of them. He was worried about what people would think (especially since it’s not something that’s done in Australia, and probably should be) but all I could think was “photo opportunity”. I started teasing him and making him crack up, which resulted in the below photo. In all, no one seemed to even notice or treat him any differently! Except me of course, I stirred him up when I took this photo so he’s cracking up laughing:

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