Getting it done…a rare work post 

Last year could almost be summed up with one word. 


I say almost because I married my favourite person in the world in beautiful circumstances. Of course, that makes him worthy of a mention. But other than that it was all stress. 

Today I started seeing so many positives at work, I finished the day with a smile. Things are slowly starting to fall into place, issues that have troubled me for years. Projects that I’ve dreamed of are starting to take fruition. I’m working with people that make me excited to come to work every day. Nothing is finished yet, and ask me even just a month ago and I would have said it’s impossible. But man, things are feeling really good right now. 

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5 days to the wedding: fighting off tingly lips and fatigue

A crazy bride on the wedding day if I don't stop feeling worn out

I can’t believe how quickly this wedding has snuck up on us. I mean, we’re mostly prepared but it’s just 5 days away. Oh my god!

I’m feeling a lot of anxiety about the day, largely stemming around the fact that I’m not good at having the spotlight on me. I can handle doing presentations for work, and speaking in crowds when it’s business or factual. But when I’m having nice things said about me, or I have to speak about an emotional topic, I completely lose it. My throat closes up, I can’t breathe, I certainly can’t talk, and I cry.

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A working breakfast

This afternoon we are lucky enough at work to be heading out for a company-wide social activity, Ten Pin Bowling. Following that, as tradition goes at our work place, there will be a big group of people that head out for some drinks immediately after. Also tradition, I'm going to join them and then get drunk after a single glass of wine.

The benefits of eating well and exercising a lot – you become a cheap drunk.

Knowing what was coming up, this morning I got Mario to drop me off at work on his way to work so that I could have a glass of wine without worrying about driving after. The problem with my plan was that he starts work at 7am, and leaves home just after 6.30am. That meant I arrived at work just after 6.30am, SUPER early! I don't have a key to the office because I'm very rarely the first one there (some people start at 8, I typically start at 9). Not having a key meant that I needed to occupy myself somehow, and breakfast at the cafe downstairs was the answer. Thus where I find myself now.

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