Luca letter: 9 months

9 months! It’s crazy to think that in only 3 months (3 short months if the last 9 months are anything to go by) you will be 12 months. We’ll be moving onto the “years” count down.

And now I can’t imagine my life without you.

You are seriously the most amazing little human ever. You light up the world for anyone that meets you. You’re always so happy and smiley, and this month you have the most beautiful little toothy grin. I adore it.

Let’s get into the monthly update.

Health update

Heyyyoooo, guess who hasn’t had any major illnesses this month, compared to the horrible previous month? You and I both have runny noses every day, but with you going to daycare and being frequently subjected to germs it’s not surprising really. I’m just so grateful it hasn’t been anything worse.


Your baptism was this month, although admittedly I neglected to get many photos! It was a great day though, and you were very lucky to have so many members of your family arrive for it. 

We were all very impressed when your head was wet with the water and oils that you didn’t cry. Secretly, your dad had whispered “1, 2, 3, go” like at swimming so that you knew what to expect. 

Your dad made the cake, which was a monster mud cake. The cross on top he printed with his 3D printer, which he was very proud about!



Guess who is on the move?! You, bubba! That’s who!

I’d noticed little inklings of it, and then one day decided I would try and test you. I grabbed toys and things of interest trying to tempt you, but you were more than happy to stay put. I can’t decide if you’re just patient, or lazy.

Then one day you moved.


I clicked onto a new idea, which worked tremendously. But then I started to use my watch.

You love my watch. When I change your nappy you’re grabbing at my wrist wanting to play with it. I love to tease your daddy saying it’s because you’re an Apple fanboy, but he ignores me.

As soon as I put it down you were focused. You stared at it for a few seconds. And then boom you were off. It was a commando crawl, but it was definite movement. Over the coming days you would slowly do a bit more and more.

I’m so thrilled. Now comes the next phase, watching as you get stronger and faster.

And then regretting the fact that you don’t sit still.

Loving the songs on the piggy bank

You have a piggy bank toy that your aunts gave you. The side pops open and it exclaims “open” or “close” when you shut it. If you press its noses makes sound effects, and on the third or fourth time it plays a song.

Just this month you’ve started getting super excited by the song. There’s a huge grin on your face and you clap. It’s adorable.


Size 1 clothes

Now I don’t know if this is a skill as much as it is a love of food. Amazingly, you are already in size 1 clothes, while your best mates are still in the 00’s.

We had to go shopping for new clothes, since most of the stuff you were gifted has run out. It’s been quite an experience, and your daddy has now developed a budgeting system for clothing. Not in the sense of value, but in the sense of a number of items! Not to fear, mummy will continue to sneak in the good stuff every now and then.

At least we have a super gorgeous panda outfit for you right now!

In fact I realised a problem just the other day – we don’t have any Batman clothes anymore! That’s an issue that needs to be rectified immediately.

On a related note you’re in a weird phase right now where there are no one-piece swim suits. They’re either smaller or larger. I had to buy you some super cute boardies and a rashie instead. I need to get a picture of you in them though, maybe next month.

Six teeth

Last month you had three teeth, and this month you’ve doubled it. Six teeth! We were thrilled when your second top tooth came through because it meant you got a bit of a break from the pain. Then one day suddenly there were two more!

Italian hand

I couldn’t not share this, it made me laugh. You demonstrated your Italian background when you raised your fist to the sky and yelled at the fan. The passion!



You learned to throw this month. We bought you a ball pit, and suddenly there are balls across the room. It also has a wall with some holes in it to encourage pushing the balls through, and you learned how to do that pretty quickly.

It’s definitely keeping me busy keeping the room tidy! I’ve learned to just ignore it during the day and clean up each night after you’ve gone to bed. Well, unless you have run out of balls in which case I resupply you. Your daddy gave you some balloons that have been living in the ball pit too, so you’ve got plenty to keep you entertained!

Other things of note

  • Resemblance to your father: I saw a photo of your dad the other day when he was a baby, what do you think, can you see the resemblance? I definitely can, especially in the ears and mouth!

  • Fully weaned: I need to finish off my more detailed blog post about it, but you’re fully weaned now, drinking formula and eating three meals a day. There’s lots to talk about this one, but for the short news you seem to be taking it in your stride and as happy as ever.


At the 9 month mark you were a massive 10.6kg. When you were born you were among the smallest in the mother’s group, and now you’re easily getting up towards being one of the larger ones.

And trust me, my shoulders feel it when it comes time to lifting you up and down for the swim class at the pool!

Family update

I had a spectacular fall this month, slipping on your wet food mat and coming crashing down on the treadmill. It hurt. I had a bruise that was quite possibly the worst I’ve ever had, and it took nearly 2 weeks before it was gone. Your father was the one who left the mat on the floor, and let’s just say I wasn’t impressed. There were some choice words that came out of my mouth, and that was after I was already pissed off. Oops.

Your father bought a 3D printer, and has been having an absolute ball making things. I’ve been the recipient of a faux World Cup trophy, and an iPad stand that has proven to be incredibly handy. He’s printed a lot of components to upgrade it so far. I truly think it’s been running almost every night since he bought it

Your grandparents are doing well. Your nana is recovering slowly but surely from her broken ankle, and I think she may have finally learned the meaning of the word “rest”. Your visits are one of her highlights, and she adores holding and playing with you. Your Nonna and Nonno are always so thrilled when we visit Brisbane and they get lots of cuddles. They even babysat you for a night (along with your Zia Natalie) so your dad and I could go out for dinner together. We were so lucky, and you were so well behaved.

Here’s some other pics from the month, and the people you got to see!

And that’s a wrap for another month. We love you little man, I hope you stay as beautiful as you are right now. We adore you so much.

Let me know your thoughts!