Once I became a parent I half joked that I was always dropping the ball on something. There was always something that wasn’t getting my attention, that was forgotten about.

What that “thing” is has rotated over time:

  • My dog (sorry girl, nowhere near as many walks as you should have been getting, especially during the newborn phase)
  • Eating (which is when the binge eating really set in, and my unhealthy relationship with food was truly cemented)
  • Fitness and working out
  • Sleep
  • My husband
  • Blogging

I’m not proud of this list at all, but there it is. And honestly, I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to ever fit everything in all of the time. How parents of multiple kids do it I do not know.

Right now I’m dropping at least two balls – blogging and my fitness, although I guess you could say by writing this I’ve just picked one back up. I’m grossly overdue posting quite a lot of things though. My husband is overdue a bit of attention too.

I’m incredibly focused on my eating at the moment, and by the end of today I’ll be 14 days binge-free. I’ve also been going to bed early, asleep by 9pm most nights, typically in bed by 8pm. Thankfully Luca seems over the worst of the recent bout of teething, so we’re starting to get sleep straight through the night again.

My fitness has taken a major hit, despite being only 4 weeks from when I ran my longest run to date, my half marathon. This week I’ve not worked out once, unless you count some walks I’ve done at lunch time around the office. Last weekend I tried to do a long run and I was exhausted after 2km. Feeling like my body had hit breaking point, I really started trying to get to bed early.

So, with the coming week and a feeling like I’m in control of my eating (without losing focus entirely) I’m shifting back into focusing on my fitness. If I can nail the triangle of diet, exercise and sleep, I should start to see a downwards trend on the scales. I’m not putting pressure on myself to lose weight, but it’s a nice bonus.

I’m going to try following this plan for each week (bearing in mind this weekend is a long weekend due to a public holiday on the Monday, so it might not work out this way this weekend)

  • Sunday: Long run
  • Monday: Rest day
  • Tuesday: Morning workout
  • Wednesday – Evening workout after Luca goes to bed
  • Thursday: Lunch swim
  • Friday: Morning workout
  • Saturday: Rest day

The workouts will vary on run vs a strength workout, depending on what my training plan calls for (it’s set to workout 3-4 times a week, with the plan that I’ll fit in some swimming or boxing on other days).

The bonus of doing more stuff at lunch means that I can spend time with my husband at night, and make sure I go to bed at a decent hour too. Monday and Thursday nights I will definitely have to be in bed early if I’m planning on getting up and working out by 4am too (so I’m showered and dressed by the time Luca wakes up at about 5am).

Let’s see how this goes!

Let me know your thoughts!