About me

Hi there!

So you’re interested in learning about me huh?

I’m the queen of overdoing things, not relaxing (I’m getting better) and stressing too much. Laughing and being silly are some of my most favourite things to do.


I love Brisbane Roar, and have lost my voice for several days following a grand final (twice – I didn’t learn after the first time). I enjoy attending any live event of any sort, even if it’s for a sport I’ve never see before, or a band I’m not familiar with.

Running is one of my favourite things to do, as well as general fitness. There’s a whole category dedicated to it!

Most random stories

I once got drunk in Thailand and swapped shirts with a gay man.


My family

In 2016, I married the man of my dreams, who on my blog I’ve nicknamed Mario. He’s my soul mate, and is my perfect other half. He is an amazing cook, he works in IT like me, and is great for having random dances with me both in the car and at home. I love him to bits.

I have a labrador cross that in 2011 was the world’s cutest puppy – look at that picture of her! Her name is Missy, short for mischief, and she is  my best friend. I love nothing more than spending time with her either on a walk or playing ball (she’s obsessed with playing fetch). She once had an operation to remove 1/4 of a tennis ball from her intestines!

Missy as a pup

My 52 list

For years now, I’ve been writing a list of 52 things to try and accomplish for the year (although I’m yet to be 100% successful). It’s a tradition that my friend and I work on this together, and while our lists share a lot of similar items they are each unique to our own aspirations.

52 list

It’s not all serious, there are fun tasks in there combined with stuff that is a bit more serious, since life can’t always just be fun and games (I wish).

Since it was started by a friend and I, more and more people have joined in on it. Give it a try, it’s always a good time to start! And if you do, feel free to share your link with me; I’d love to see your list. I could say “Show us ya list” but that sounds a bit rude doesn’t it. You can see more of the list here.


I hope you enjoy my blog and my random musings from my mind. Just a reminder that none of the opinions you will find on this site are those of my employer, although I try to keep that part of my life separate and therefore you won’t ever hear me mentioning anything about where I work. The same goes for my friends and family, if they request their privacy then they will get it, no questions asked. After all, this blog is about the relationship between you, the reader, and myself.

So again, please enjoy and look forward to hearing from you in the comments!


Let me know your thoughts!