Glaravaning is a real thing

We’re staying at Big 4 at Sandstone Point, and it doesn’t feel right to call it camping. Sure, we’re in our caravan, but this is more like a resort stay with a side of hanging out in a caravan. If glamping is mainstream now (glamorous camping), surely glaravnaning should be too? For example, this is … Read more

Blogging on tour

This weekend is a long weekend in Australia, so we’ve taken the opportunity to get away with friends with the caravans. Last night I even made myself a camping shirt ready for the weekend! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kelly Sofia (@kelsbells) on Oct 2, 2020 at 6:10am PDT My dad … Read more

Sofies on tour: Day 5 (Tokyo Dome and Shibuya)

Today we set off to visit the world’s greatest indoor playground at the Tokyo Dome, a recommendation by a friend from my running group. It was amazing! We also caught up with the family again for another visit to Shibuya, and I tried more weird food from the corner store.

Sofies on tour: Japan Day 4 (Shibuya and Yokohama)

It was still raining today, so it was a challenge to quickly research something to do indoors that wasn’t shopping. Thus we ticked off another one of my bucket list “of course that’s a thing” activities – the Cup of Noodle museum.

Sofies on tour: Day 3 (Shinjuku)

This was probably our hardest day of the trip so far…but spoiler alert, things get better on day 4! So excuse the “we’re nearly going to have a break down” facials you see in this vlog. And excuse the dancing, because…..Kelly dancing. Lots of commentary too, so I didn’t bother with a musical backing track … Read more