Glaravaning is a real thing

We’re staying at Big 4 at Sandstone Point, and it doesn’t feel right to call it camping. Sure, we’re in our caravan, but this is more like a resort stay with a side of hanging out in a caravan.

If glamping is mainstream now (glamorous camping), surely glaravnaning should be too?

For example, this is just the start of the facilities here:

  • Waterpark with slides
  • Two heated pools (one of them being a shallow one for toddlers)
  • Go kart hire (pedal powered)
  • Cocktails by the pool
  • Delivery from the bottle shop (seriously – they turn up on a golf buggy to drop it off)
  • Restaurant
  • Kids room
  • Games Room
  • Large lawn chess set
  • Croquet

I could go on and on and on. But this place is amazing.

This morning while everyone was sleeping I went and took some photos. During the day there are so many kids around that I just think it would be creepy. [...]  read more

Blogging on tour

This weekend is a long weekend in Australia, so we’ve taken the opportunity to get away with friends with the caravans. Last night I even made myself a camping shirt ready for the weekend!


My dad is staying at our house looking after our dog. I had originally planned to bring her with us, but her arthritis in her front paw is playing up and she was limping badly again. We’re going to have to increase her anti-inflammatory meds to help her, the poor thing. I knew that a big weekend away with our friends and their dog was going to be super painful for her, and she’d be cranky from hurting. So I made the hard call to leave her behind. My heart was breaking as we drove away. I’m not going to take it well when she eventually passes away (hopefully we’ve still got a solid 5 years or more in her yet, wishful thinking possibly). [...]  read more

Sofies on tour: Day 5 (Tokyo Dome and Shibuya)

Today we set off to visit the world’s greatest indoor playground at the Tokyo Dome, a recommendation by a friend from my running group. It was amazing!

We also caught up with the family again for another visit to Shibuya, and I tried more weird food from the corner store.

Sofies on tour: Japan Day 4 (Shibuya and Yokohama)

It was still raining today, so it was a challenge to quickly research something to do indoors that wasn’t shopping. Thus we ticked off another one of my bucket list “of course that’s a thing” activities – the Cup of Noodle museum.

Sofies on tour: Day 3 (Shinjuku)

This was probably our hardest day of the trip so far…but spoiler alert, things get better on day 4! So excuse the “we’re nearly going to have a break down” facials you see in this vlog. And excuse the dancing, because…..Kelly dancing.

Lots of commentary too, so I didn’t bother with a musical backing track for this one.