Blogging on tour

This weekend is a long weekend in Australia, so we’ve taken the opportunity to get away with friends with the caravans. Last night I even made myself a camping shirt ready for the weekend!

My dad is staying at our house looking after our dog. I had originally planned to bring her with us, but her arthritis in her front paw is playing up and she was limping badly again. We’re going to have to increase her anti-inflammatory meds to help her, the poor thing. I knew that a big weekend away with our friends and their dog was going to be super painful for her, and she’d be cranky from hurting. So I made the hard call to leave her behind. My heart was breaking as we drove away. I’m not going to take it well when she eventually passes away (hopefully we’ve still got a solid 5 years or more in her yet, wishful thinking possibly).

Our friends and I had hunted around looking at places to stay, leaving it super late to book. It’s not only a long weekend but also the last weekend of school holidays, so as expected, everywhere is packed. We ended up finding a place called Maaroom Caravan Park, a small park just near the Great Sandy Strait – the stretch of water separating Fraser Island from the mainland. I’ve been recording a heap of video to put together when we get home, and I even brought the go pro!

The town itself is super small – we’re talking maybe 10 streets or more? The only store is at the reception of the caravan park – there’s nothing here except for the caravan park, some houses, and the boat ramp. It was amusing to see a warning about Crocodiles at the ramp too – we’re not in the big smoke anymore, folks!

I’ve stuck to my 75 hard goals and got through them today (hence the blog post now before I go to bed). I did allow myself some wine tonight because #camping, but that’s admissible. Tomorrow’s selfie will be interesting, I don’t really want to get out in tights and a sports bra in the caravan park so I think I’ll just have to set up a tripod in the van and take it in here (I have a small one I can bend the legs to stand on the counter).

I managed to get in my 2 x 30min workouts. One I did taking steps for 30mins watching the footy under the friends awning, and one I took my friend’s dog for a walk in the dark. I wore a headlamp and wandered around (probably looked super sus to the locals), and just managed to stretch it out to 30mins before we got back to the campsite. While we were out walking I kicked a toad (I freaking hate those things, it must have jumped at me because I felt something hit my foot, looked down thinking I had dropped something and freaked out when I saw it). We also ran into a group of kangaroos, which we had seen earlier in the day – one was still in its mum’s pouch! We agreed to all keep our distance, and I walked on by with the pup.

I’m really glad I’ve been able to keep my food discipline going. Camping is notorious for unnecessary healthy snacks like chips, chocolate etc. But I was organised and brought my prepared meals with me and ate those at the same time that everyone else ate their meals. After such a hard week the days are starting to feel a bit more organised now, and I think my stomach has finally adjusted to the smaller portions again.

Anyways, time to go to sleep. As I write this Luca is passed out on the couch in front of me (we convert it to his bed at night time with sheets, side rail etc). He’s so adorable all snuggled in with his teddy! Through the window I can see the boys watching the football, because it’s finals time and our friend’s team is playing. I can’t criticise them for watching tv when we’re camping – I’m in here writing a blog after all! I’m not going to proof-read this either; I want to go to sleep.

Tomorrow will be fun, we’ll be doing a bit more exploring around the area. And shall I say….there’s a whole world at our feet?

Points if you can guess what I’m hinting at!


Let me know your thoughts!