The one in which Luca gets baptised

At the risk of jinxing things, we are finally seeing a bit of health at Kelly’s World! We’re over the gastro, Luca didn’t get it and he seems over his cold. Ive still got a bit of a cough from my chest infection but for the most part it’s gone. My only niggle that remains is my ear. I’m glad we’re mostly healthy though because we had a big event planned this past weekend which would have been a pain if we had to cancel.

It was Luca’s baptism.

Now, I don’t know where everyone stands on the religious thing, and to be honest, it’s not for me to judge. It’s for each individual to figure out. I respect all religious choices. For me personally, I’m not overly religious. I was raised a catholic, but I never go to church. [...]  read more

Things I appreciate more after gastro

Baby in a hospital cot

We haven’t been on a great health streak here at home. I actually started wondering at some point if our house was just a cesspool of bacteria, but reminded myself that my son has just recently started daycare. The sorts of germs and bugs he would be exposed to there and bring home is surely the cause of our health woes.

In the past few weeks we’ve had:

  • Viral infection (Luca and Mario)
  • Colds (all of us)
  • Chest infection (me)
  • Ear infection (me)
  • Gastro (Mario and I, while dealing with both the chest and ear infection on my part mind you)

Right now Mario is still getting over what we thought was gastro, but seems to be a viral infection too, since it’s taken days for him to kick it where I was done after 24 hours. [...]  read more

Luca letter: 7 months old

You’re officially closer to being a year old than a new born! And in 2 months you’ll have spent just as much time on the outside as you did on the inside. Crazy!

Let’s take a look at this month.

First flight

It was your first (and second) ever flight this month! We flew up to Townsville for my cousin Gerry’s wedding, which was absolutely beautiful (side topic: welcome to the family Jenna).

On the way to Townsville you fell asleep in daddy’s arms at the airport, which made our plan for you to sleep during the whole flight “fly out the window” (sorry, bad pun). Despite our best efforts you woke up when we tried to transfer you to my lap with the seat belt around you. Instead, we managed to feed you on the way up which meant there weren’t any issues with your ears. During the entire flight you played with daddy, climbing on the seat and having fun. You became tired again right before it was time to land (perfect timing) so fed to sleep and passed out. It wasn’t until we reached the taxi that you woke up and finally realised we were somewhere new. [...]  read more

Mother Nature, you horrible sour puss

For months now we’ve been planning to build a retaining wall down the other side of our house. The land was sloped towards the fence, and the concrete was starting to crack under the washing line. The ground there is clay, and horrible to work with. Mario picked a date, organised his dad to come and help, and coordinated all the deliveries of materials.

The week arrived, and the weather reports started coming in.

“Rain! Lots of rain, especially on the days you wanted to work outside!” [...]  read more

The night time party battle

Every night after the baby goes to sleep a battle rages within myself. I become giddy. I have two hands free and the time is my own. There’s so much I can do, and yet I don’t know where to start.

So many choices, so little time. Most times, due to sheer indecision, I end up watching tv, drinking a warm drink and then going to bed. Such a waste.

The night time routine

The thing is, I love my child, right? And I have no regrets. Before he was born, I had a busy night time. I had my 52 list to tick away at, I could read a book, do crafts, go to the gym. Any number of things. I would come home and get stuck in. It was rare for my hubby and I to have “quiet nights”. [...]  read more