The quitting temptation

Today I wanted to quit.

Spoiler alert – I didn’t.

I just hit a real flat spot today. I had no motivation or desire to really do much at all, and it took everything I had in me to just push on. Ultimately, I think the fact that I’m blogging this and I’m accountable to everyone is what got me through.

This morning I went to swim class with Luca, dropped him off and came home. I started working, and about an hour into it realised I had left my power cable for my laptop in the office. I had planned on working from home for the day, but that’s not exactly possible when you don’t have power. [...]  read more

The Kirsten Effect

Hey guess what – no zucchini today! WOOHOO!! My day was infinitely better as a result.

I’ve just gotten off a zoom call with friends tonight (super fun) and I’m pooped. My project launched yesterday, and now the stress is off for a couple of weeks. There’s hard work ahead of me still but hopefully less crazy than it has been.

I’m ready to sleep for weeks straight though. Tonight’s post is a bit rushed though, so I can get to sleep.

Diet wise I stuck to my guns today and it was a lot easier than earlier this week.  [...]  read more

Friggin zucchini

I woke up today with a cracking headache, one eye half closed, a stiff neck and feeling like I could sleep for a year. I popped some painkillers, took my selfie for the 75 hard’ish challenge, and tried to get on with the day.

Then I discovered I had my period. Great. 15mins out of bed and the day was going really well already.

I was in a mood. I wished more than anything I could fast forward the day by blinking. I tried. It didn’t work.

Then I discovered my lunch zucchini again. GODDAMMIT.  [...]  read more

Day 4: The Ripple Effect

It’s funny how when you change your routine just a little bit that the ripple effects can blow other stuff out of the water.

This morning I was on the treadmill at 4am until 6am, clocking in a 10.5km walk. While I walked, instead of writing a blog post like I have the other days I worked instead. I’ve got a major project launching tomorrow and I’m still rushing to get everything done.

I now find myself at 7.30pm at night, still working, and realising that if I don’t write a blog post now I’m going to miss it, and then I’ll have screwed up my 75 hard’ish. So here I am, avoiding the ripples that threaten to derail me. [...]  read more

Walks, coffee, croissants and strength

Yesterday I had such a great day! Even though it was interspersed with work still (I’m so close to having the next project go live) I managed to get out and do some fun stuff!

First up in the morning I headed down for a walk and a coffee with a friend. Another friend and her husband were opening a new bakery and I wanted to go show some support. I’d been lusting after his baking on facebook for a while and I was so excited to take a look!

The walk was great! We followed a pathway having absolutely no idea where we were going, since neither of us ever get down that way. We ended up walking along the water and coming across the back of the Caloundra Big 4 camping ground. There was a huge jumping pillow for the kids, and for the parents, a cute coffee caravan and places to sit. It looked amazing and needless to say is on the list of places to go this summer with friends. They have cabins there, so it’s going to be great for those friends and family that either aren’t keen on the “camping” bit or have injuries that require a proper bed. Obviously because of the kids I couldn’t take a photo to share, so here’s a pic of the water instead 🙂  [...]  read more