I’m declaring today to be a failure.  I’ve lost track of how much water I’ve drunk. Despite walking around a ton today I’ve not done my workouts. I forgot to take a progress photo and it’s already pitch black out (my son is nearly asleep in the caravan so the last thing I want to … Read more

The quitting temptation

Today I wanted to quit. Spoiler alert – I didn’t. I just hit a real flat spot today. I had no motivation or desire to really do much at all, and it took everything I had in me to just push on. Ultimately, I think the fact that I’m blogging this and I’m accountable to … Read more

Changing it up again (no Weigh in Wednesdays anymore)

I bet you’re probably getting sick of my weight loss journey and mental health posts. Or maybe not. Maybe you enjoy someone sharing the raw truth about just how bloody hard this is. Maybe you enjoy getting a peek into someone’s struggles and triumphs, and the rollercoaster ride that is. Or maybe you just enjoy … Read more

Kayla Itsines review: Kelsey Wells SELF program for post-pregnancy women

During the course of my pregnancy I gained 35kg, adding the equivalent of nearly 50% of my body weight at the time. Part of this was due to the fact that I suddenly wasn’t able to eat salad or veggies – as soon as I fell pregnant they made me feel sick. The main reason, … Read more

52 in 52: 12 week challenge results

This is the hardest post I think I will ever have to hit “Publish” on. In posting these photos, I’m also achieving one of my other goals “Do something that scares me”. Let’s be honest, sharing these photos scares the absolute s**t out of me. I hate photos at the best of time, let alone … Read more