Hard Habits – 4 weeks aiming for a personal best

Tonight I feel a tremendous sense of relief, a huge weight off if you will. I finished phase 1 of a huge project at work that I’ve been working an insane amount of hours on for what I think is about 12 weeks now. Parts of my weekends, nights…

I can finally breathe again and do something else.

At 4pm I called my husband, told him I was coming home and we were all going out for dinner. I wanted some family time. We went to the tavern, Luca played in the kids room (and won a ton of lollipops), we had some dinner and went home. I was so tired I wasn’t very talkative, not the greatest dinner date, but it was so good to spend time with my boys.

I had plans of being in bed tonight by 8pm. The last two nights I’ve worked until 12am and 1.30am respectively, and back up again around 5.30. Tired was an understatement. Luca seems to have caught a cold again too and was waking a bit coughing, so when I was sleeping it wasn’t very great. Not to mention I had been eating sugar (survival “stay awake” mode) so I was waking up feeling hung over.
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The 75 Hardish Challenge (Updated!)

I’ve been reflecting on my 75 hard’ish challenge for a few days now, ever since I posted about whether to reset or not.

To understand the decision I made, and how I made it, it’s important you understand a few things about me.

What I’m good at:

  • Making lists (I’m even making one right now)
  • Making big crazy goals (my friend and I are known for #nochill)
  • Getting bored of something and not finishing it
  • Making excuses
  • Negotiating with myself (usually on how I can bend the rules)
  • Just letting things fade away (if you ignore it then it goes away right?)
  • Striving for a perfect 100% record

What I’m not good at:

  • Looking in the mirror
  • Facing reality
  • Forgiving myself
  • Seeing things through
  • Eating properly (I mean, having an eating disorder is a pretty obvious example)
  • Accepting imperfections, like a less than 100% perfect record

If this was any other challenge or goal I had set myself I would be giving up, and I’d just stop talking about it. The hope would be that everyone would forget. Or I would explain away the reasons on why I can’t finish it. The best outcome would be that I just make it easier for myself, forgetting the whole reason why I started it in the first place. [...]  read more

Crazy busy days = reset?

Right now I’m tossing up between resetting the 75 days hard (which is what the original version does) or whether I just focus on getting through 75 days and seeing how good I can be.

‘Your opinions?

Today was another day where I realise that it’s hard to keep on track when life gets in the way.

I felt my old habits returning when I gave in a little for a couple of birthday parties we went to, and ended up eating two pieces of (very good) cake. Whoops.

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I’m running down under

After a couple of days on the weekend of dropping some of my challenges/habits for 75 hard’ish, I’m back on track. I had 100% success today, and I’m so proud of myself for just getting on with it. Not beating myself up, or falling off the rails completely.

Normally I would just screw up, give up and go back to bad habits.

Not this time.

I had a productive day at work today, then went to the gym for a quick run on the treadmill before coming home. I had planned on doing a strength workout too but the gym was getting pretty full by that point. So I figured it could wait until tomorrow instead. [...]  read more


I’m declaring today to be a failure. 

I’ve lost track of how much water I’ve drunk. Despite walking around a ton today I’ve not done my workouts. I forgot to take a progress photo and it’s already pitch black out (my son is nearly asleep in the caravan so the last thing I want to do is flip a light on to take a picture). 

I’ve had my meals (and a bit of damper) and I am writing this blog now, so it’s not all bad. 

When I normally fail something I say “well, that’s that” and I go back to binging. Not this time.  [...]  read more