Hard Habits – 4 weeks aiming for a personal best

Tonight I feel a tremendous sense of relief, a huge weight off if you will. I finished phase 1 of a huge project at work that I’ve been working an insane amount of hours on for what I think is about 12 weeks now. Parts of my weekends, nights… I can finally breathe again and … Read more

The 75 Hardish Challenge (Updated!)

I’ve been reflecting on my 75 hard’ish challenge for a few days now, ever since I posted about whether to reset or not. To understand the decision I made, and how I made it, it’s important you understand a few things about me. What I’m good at: Making lists (I’m even making one right now) … Read more

Crazy busy days = reset?

Right now I’m tossing up between resetting the 75 days hard (which is what the original version does) or whether I just focus on getting through 75 days and seeing how good I can be. ‘Your opinions? Today was another day where I realise that it’s hard to keep on track when life gets in … Read more

I’m running down under

After a couple of days on the weekend of dropping some of my challenges/habits for 75 hard’ish, I’m back on track. I had 100% success today, and I’m so proud of myself for just getting on with it. Not beating myself up, or falling off the rails completely. Normally I would just screw up, give … Read more


I’m declaring today to be a failure.  I’ve lost track of how much water I’ve drunk. Despite walking around a ton today I’ve not done my workouts. I forgot to take a progress photo and it’s already pitch black out (my son is nearly asleep in the caravan so the last thing I want to … Read more