Finding my inner ninja

Life has been kicking my ass a little bit lately, but I thought it was time to check in and let you all know what’s been going on. Warning – this is a long post. The reason I haven’t posted wasn’t a conscious decision to stay away. It was more like a decision on where … Read more

I tortured myself and loved it

The heading is dramatic, but it’s true. This week I have brought myself to the point of yelling audibly in pain, then taking a deep breath, and doing it all over again. I wore marks of my abuse on my body, red marks on my legs and arms. And I friggin loved it. Ladies and … Read more

Mud masking and self care

One of the 52s I’ve got is to schedule 1hr of self care each week. At first I didn’t know what that was. I was like am I meant to just like do yoga or something? Go to bed earlier? Read a book? What is self care anyway? Turns out it’s all of those things. … Read more

Thankful Thursday

Every Thursday I’m going to share the bits and pieces from my gratitude diary for the previous week. I think this week, we need it more than ever. Just as we see footage coming out of America as they inch towards the end of Trump’s term, and domestic terrorists storming the Capitol, it’s nice to … Read more

A multi-tasking nightmare

As I write this post I’ve got SAS Australia playing on the tv, and I’m chatting to friends on messenger. I’ve just finished cleaning the house and putting my little guy to bed. For the first time in a long time the living room feels tidy! It’s been a good night! Running event wrap up … Read more