A crappy 48 hours

toilet roll holder

It’s been a bit of an interesting 48 hours here at Casa De Kelly’s World. I got hit with a bug, and we’re still not sure whether it was gastro or food poisoning, but it’s not been pretty.

On Wednesday I spent the entire day out with the little man and his aunties at the zoo. When we got home I was exhausted, but felt OK. Mario got home from work, he took Luca and the next thing I knew I passed out on the couch for an hour. It was nice, extremely rare, but unexpected. I had developed a bit of a headache too, but at that point it wasn’t an issue. [...]  read more

Kayla Itsines review: Kelsey Wells SELF program for post-pregnancy women

During the course of my pregnancy I gained 35kg, adding the equivalent of nearly 50% of my body weight at the time. Part of this was due to the fact that I suddenly wasn’t able to eat salad or veggies – as soon as I fell pregnant they made me feel sick. The main reason, however, was due to my emotional eating while I tried to cope with the stress of work and wrapping my head around how much my life was about to change.

I never enjoyed the extra weight, and it took a huge toll on my self confidence. [...]  read more

The month of being sick is over

Remember back on the 11th of June when I wrote about being sick with the flu? Well, just after I started to feel better I managed to pick up a virus and got smashed.

You can tell how sick I am based on a few indicators:

  • Whether I see a doctor
  • Whether I work from home or not

On the Tuesday I didn't work at all, not even checking in my email. I tried to sleep, and rest. My hubby even stayed home to keep an eye on me, he was that worried.

Seeing the doc

The night before we had tried to call a home doctor, but alas they were fully booked. Tuesday afternoon I dragged myself from bed and saw the doc. Initially he thought it was just a flu, but to be safe he decided to do a nasal swab.  [...]  read more

Pregnant with the flu

It’s been years since I’ve had a flu; I’ve had the old mild cold but nothing where it cost me days of bed rest. Being pregnant my immune system is already low, and so I’ve been on the receiving end of a few nasties (a cold sore being the latest). Unfortunately there’s not much you can do in these cases; there’s almost zero options for medication for pregnant ladies.

Just over a fortnight ago my throat started to get sore. Really sore. I knew something wasn’t right, and by the end of the day I told my boss I’d be working from home the following day. That night I was in bed early. I woke with a throat of razor blades thus confirming it – I had the flu. [...]  read more

Holy hip pain batman – that massage hurt my butt! (A review of Mooloolaba Massage and Sports Health)

Last week Mario proudly advised that me he was the best husband ever.

“I’ve booked you in for a remedial massage for your hip!”

Probably not the reaction he was hoping for, but I immediately groaned and asked “whyyyyyyyyy? That’s going to hurt like hell!” He insisted I go, and begrudgingly I agreed.

On the weekend I’d noticed there was a bit of hip pain again, and trying yoga didn’t seem to help it too much like it had in the past. I daresay because of the heat, I was so reluctant to do much for fear of sweating. Hence there was quite a lot of couch time this weekend. The more I walked and winced, and as much as I hated to admit it, Mario had been spot on. [...]  read more