10,000 for 110

Since the 1st of July I’ve been walking 10,000 steps a day. Originally it was to see if I could keep it up for 30 days. Then I had a fundraiser for August to raise money for Breast Cancer by walking 10,000 steps a day – so I kept going. Once that was done, I just kept moving.

I found that going for walks was something I really enjoyed. I was getting 5-10min breaks from the computer every few hours at work, and fresh air at lunch. It was a nice habit to get into.

Things get crazy

As you know from my incessant complaining on here, I’ve been working some pretty crazy hours lately.  [...]  read more

I’m running down under

After a couple of days on the weekend of dropping some of my challenges/habits for 75 hard’ish, I’m back on track. I had 100% success today, and I’m so proud of myself for just getting on with it. Not beating myself up, or falling off the rails completely.

Normally I would just screw up, give up and go back to bad habits.

Not this time.

I had a productive day at work today, then went to the gym for a quick run on the treadmill before coming home. I had planned on doing a strength workout too but the gym was getting pretty full by that point. So I figured it could wait until tomorrow instead. [...]  read more

The Kirsten Effect

Hey guess what – no zucchini today! WOOHOO!! My day was infinitely better as a result.

I’ve just gotten off a zoom call with friends tonight (super fun) and I’m pooped. My project launched yesterday, and now the stress is off for a couple of weeks. There’s hard work ahead of me still but hopefully less crazy than it has been.

I’m ready to sleep for weeks straight though. Tonight’s post is a bit rushed though, so I can get to sleep.

Diet wise I stuck to my guns today and it was a lot easier than earlier this week.  [...]  read more

Doing my bit to help change lives

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day. She was dealing with the devastating blow of her daughter having recently being diagnosed with Leukaemia. We were talking about how she was going, and what she and the family needed for support.

Since breaking the news to family and friends, they had been inundated with offers for assistance. They were so, so grateful, but what my friend pointed out is how all of this doesn’t really have any effect on the end result. At the end of the day their daughter still has a fight on their hands, and no progress has been made towards fixing that issue for good.  [...]  read more

Not quite a half marathon…

This weekend I was meant to be running my first ever half marathon. I started training for it back in October of last year, and have dedicated a large amount of my time this year to training and increasing my endurance.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

For a long time now I’ve been bouncing between sickness and injury (calf and achilles). I wrote about it in July, and in June…and even as far back as April. I’ve barely been able to run during that time. I fit in a couple of 5k sessions here and there, and did a walk/run one day of 17km to try and get some mileage down (when I was still convinced I could be healthy for the half). But that’s it. Nothing at all like what my training plan had been asking of me. [...]  read more