Monday Bingo and sadly postponing my running training

A little while ago a friend suggested that a group of us meet up for bingo at the local RSL club since we were all on holidays at the same time. We had gone years ago and had so much fun, we thought why not? It was great to catch up, but my god I … Read more

Running goals for 2021

This year a few of my 52s relate to my running, specifically: Set a running goal Implement a running plan Implement a strength-building plan (to help improve my technique and reduce injuries) I mean, 2020 wasn’t all bad, and I did manage to get back to consistent walking. I’m just really looking forward to building … Read more

Eat, sleep, gym, repeat.

After such great, necessary sleep on the weekend, I decided this week I would try to keep up the good habit. The plan was to try and get to sleep by about 8.30pm at night, giving me enough time to have a solid sleep and still be able to wake up early for a run/walk. … Read more

Making progress (running)

I’m sitting here listening to the latest storm roll through (we’ve had a few lately), and my dog trying to act calm but getting nervous when the lightning flashes. She’s normally pretty chill during storms, so I don’t know if this is something to do with her getting older. She’s mostly ok, but when the … Read more

10,000 for 110

Since the 1st of July I’ve been walking 10,000 steps a day. Originally it was to see if I could keep it up for 30 days. Then I had a fundraiser for August to raise money for Breast Cancer by walking 10,000 steps a day – so I kept going. Once that was done, I … Read more