Making progress (running)

I’m sitting here listening to the latest storm roll through (we’ve had a few lately), and my dog trying to act calm but getting nervous when the lightning flashes. She’s normally pretty chill during storms, so I don’t know if this is something to do with her getting older. She’s mostly ok, but when the lightning flashes she pops up looking around for me.

I’ve just finished my last few miles for the day, being another 24km total today. 6th day in a row, for another event for my run club. At the moment thanks to timezones I’m sitting at the top of the ladder. I suppose having something to do with hitting the max-miles limit would have something to do with it too.

1st place from 741 runners

I’m using the same miles for my own personal “run around Australia” challenge, so I’m making some pretty good progress on that.

Anyways, I’d better go to bed before I fall asleep sitting upright. Seriously, my eyes are closing as I type this. At least I get to fall asleep to the sounds of rain (my favourite sound).

Let me know your thoughts!