New toy for recording video

Before we went overseas one year we indulged in a gimbal for our phones – a stabiliser that meant we would be able to record super smooth video when walking. Great for travel videos. We had the smove, and it did what it needed to, although it had some things that bugged us a bit.

When we were on holidays though, my husband managed to break it while he was putting it in a bag. He forced it in, and ended up breaking some springs and pieces that aligned the button for controlling the gimbal, turning the phone left/right etc. When we got hone he fixed it to some degree, but it was never the same.

I tried to use it recently for a trip, and decided I just didn’t enjoy using it anymore. On top of the button being hard to use, it was bulky and getting the phone off and on was a downright pain in the ass (you had to unscrew it to get the phone out and it took at least 30 seconds each time). It was awkward to hold, or pack, and ended up just being a burden.

My sister had had a chance to try it when it was working properly, and ended up buying her own gimbal. The one she bought was amazing, and after about a minute of her demo I wanted one.

Enter our wedding anniversary. The hubby told me to go and get my present early, and I didn’t hesitate. Bam. Hello the new DJI Osmo Mobile 4.

The old one had an app (that never worked) and could be controlled by a joystick as well, but the new one was leaps and bounds ahead. More comfortable grip. And all sorts of amazing features with automatic panorama, photography effects and more. Plus a magnetic attachment – it’s so easy to attach a phone!

So this afternoon after the hubby finished work we grabbed Luca and went to the beach.

This is just a quick video, but I’m excited but how smooth it really is. I can’t wait for our next holiday! No excuses for not recording video now.

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