Holidays are over – back to work

After a week off I’m back in the office this week. I had taken the week off after working some insane hours lately, with the goal of resting and doing some projects at home I’d been hanging out to do.

Well, unfortunately the week disappeared in a blur of mileage for my run club and chores. I don’t feel “rested” as such, but at least my brain is mentally rested from work, so there’s that. I did have some great times – I got out for a morning walk and coffee with a friend, and was able to pick up my son from daycare early and the family headed down to the beach for a play (even my pup was able to make it out with us).


I have this sewing pattern and material that have been sitting in the cupboard for over a year. This week I finally started, although I only got a little bit done each day. I’ve managed to cut out the patterns, pin it to the fabric and cut out the pieces. Tomorrow night after work I’ll start trying to sew it together.

The cutting isn’t perfect by any means, but for my first attempt I’m pretty happy!

New hair

Every time I visit the hairdresser we wonder what “random and fun” thing we’re going to do. It’s a bit tame compared to most, I haven’t done any crazy colours or anything, but after a lifetime of being dark blonde this feels pretty crazy. Behold, the latest copper/blonde balayage effect.


I hit a wall on Friday night mentally. I was pushing myself super hard and I was just exhausted. I wasn’t getting enough sleep, then to try and keep myself going I was turning to my old addiction – sugar. I was eating crap food for the sugar high, and it wasn’t getting me anywhere. Every morning I was waking up with a puffy face looking like I’d been hit by a bus. I hated it.

So I backed right off. I rested, returned to minimal miles and started to treat myself kinder. I went to bed at a reasonable hour.

This morning was the first time in a week I didn’t wake up feeling horrific. God it was a relief.

My mental health took a total 180. I’m motivated again, and I want to run again. I’m excited to just follow a basic running plan for a while. I’m currently working on a 10k training program again. As part of the plan I’ll alternate running days with walking days so my achilles gets a chance to rest in between the two.

Now to get a crack on and kick some goals for the week!

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  1. Love the hair! What are you sewing?! Iā€™m so curious! I got out my sewing machine over the weekend and thought I could make something without a pattern…. šŸ˜‚ needless to say, the trash ended up full of wasted fabric. Haha. Oh well. It was kinda fun to try!


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