Training journal: Week 4

I had a great week this week. Two runs, two strength training sessions, one yoga and one long walk. Training week 4 held all the goods.

Running/MAF training:

I hit a new PB in distance with the MAF training, which was exciting to see. It’s fun to see the performance gains as my body gets fitter! It was a nice solid run, and I’m thrilled to see my body is pulling up nicely after my runs. The yoga is definitely helping my hips.

The walk on Sunday was a nice way to get out and catch up, except for the whole “get called into work thing”. Boo. read more

Training journal: week 3

My plan to up the mileage this week didn’t come to fruition unfortunately. It wasn’t that I lost sight of my goal, it’s more that again I didn’t want to push my body too far. I wasn’t feeling 100% during the week unfortunately. You can see the details in my training journal below:

Training journal week 3


I had a massage during the week, and on the Tuesday morning I pulled up pretty bruised. I didn’t let that stop me though, and had an enjoyable run with the MAF training.

There was another good run on Saturday, timing myself for a 5km on the treadmill at the gym. I’m still trying to work out the MAF training indoors. My heart rate was too low for the run, but I’m worried about the speed. If I increase my cadence too much I’ll probably get a stitch; so I might try upping the incline a little so it’s less easy. I’ll report on how that goes next time. read more

Sloth Saturday (and a catch up from the last few days)

How to solve life's problems - take a nap

As I write this, I’m sitting on the floor with my legs out in front of me, typing on the laptop. My gut is sticking out at an impressive angle, having just hours before consumed excessive leftovers from dinner tonight. Butter chicken, one of my favourite meals. I ate way too much. Today I am a sloth with a big gut.

The heat is disgustingly hot

We’re in the midst of a second heat wave in just as many weeks. It’s one of those days where the minute you move, you’re sweating. Apparently there’s a storm on its way here though, or at least my text message from my insurance company warns. The rain will be a nice relief. read more

Training journal week 2

Last week I cut back on the mileage by about 7km. Mainly I was concerned about my hip, and why I was getting bad stitches when I ran. I’m very wary of overdoing it when I’m just getting back into it. 

Spoiler alert – I’ve decided night running isn’t for me. 

On the running front, I only managed two run sessions and one day of walking. However I did some cross training in the form of two yoga sessions and laps in the pool. All up I had two rest days: one to work out my sleep/running issues, and one because it was so hot I couldn’t move without dying (slight exaggeration).  read more

MAF running training: what is it?

If you read my running journal post last week, you may have seen that I made reference to “MAF training”. I thought I would explain a bit more about what that is, and my experiences with it.

I first read about MAF training on one of my favourite blogs, Runs for Cookies. Essentially, it’s a way of training your aerobic system based on your heart rate. The idea is that when you’re exercising, most of us go too hard for “easy runs”, or whatever training session we’re focusing on – we over-train. The MAF system helps to prevent that, while increasing your aerobic base. The goal is that when you’re out for a run, don’t go above your maximum aerobic heart rate. read more