Not quite a half marathon…

This weekend I was meant to be running my first ever half marathon. I started training for it back in October of last year, and have dedicated a large amount of my time this year to training and increasing my endurance.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

For a long time now I’ve been bouncing between sickness and injury (calf and achilles). I wrote about it in July, and in June…and even as far back as April. I’ve barely been able to run during that time. I fit in a couple of 5k sessions here and there, and did a walk/run one day of 17km to try and get some mileage down (when I was still convinced I could be healthy for the half). But that’s it. Nothing at all like what my training plan had been asking of me. [...]  read more

Cold temperatures and coughs

For the last few days the family and I have been enjoying some time away in wine country. Also known as Stanthorpe, it’s Queensland’s coldest town. I was worried about how cold it would be while we were there, but as it turned out we missed the massive Arctic winds blowing through the state! When we got home it was still quite cool, and was actually the same temperature as where we’d come from. Except that Stanthorpe was now hitting the negatives! Brr! I kinda wished we’d stayed a day to see it, but I’m also really grateful to be home and warm. [...]  read more

A recap of the last 2 weeks

Winter is definitely here! As I write this I have a blanket over my legs and I’m wearing a jacket probably best reserved for the southern states, but I get cold easily, so whatever. Bonus was that it only cost me $20 from K-mart, win!

A lot’s been happening lately in this part of the world! Luca has reached 20 months old, and he’s so super fun. I keep meaning to write an updated Luca letter so I can capture all of the memories. If children were born at this age I would have so many more. He just keeps me laughing and so entertained. Of course, we’re still dealing with some tantrums and testing of the boundaries, but for the majority of the time he’s an absolute sweetheart.

Before we get into the recap, I just wanted to provide you with a visual treat before it’s all about my snotty body.


Running-wise I’ve had to take a break this past 1.5 weeks again. What I thought was a common cold was either a flu or a respiratory virus. I was blowing my nose repeatedly coughing up gunk so thick that I ended up puking from not being able to breathe.

The worst was on Wednesday morning when I threw up about 6 times. My hubby had gone to work, and was only there for about 15mins when I called him and asked him to come home. It was my usual day off to spend with Luca, but I just felt so flat and unable to muster any energy, and with the throwing up I knew that I wasn’t in a good way.

Once my husband got home I went and saw the doc, he told me it was either of the two (flu/virus) and requested I go to get a nasal swab done to find out. He also wrote me a script for some antibiotics, but asked that I hold off for one more day to see if I start getting better. If I did, then it was viral and the antibiotics were of no benefit.

I went to get my nasal swab done, and when I arrived the waiting area was full. I grabbed a number and sat down, and then coughed….and coughed….and coughed. My coughing was such a deep bark that it was embarrassing to sit there. After 20mins I walked out – I didn’t want to get anyone else sick, and I wanted to go back to bed.

As it turned out I felt better on Thursday and I didn’t need the antibiotics, so that was good. I also didn’t bother to go back and get the nasal swab, so I don’t know exactly what I had. But given that I slept for 11 hours on Wednesday, and was only out of bed a couple of hours on Thursday before I went back for another sleep. Whatever it was, it was definitely more than a cold, that’s for sure!

Weekend here and weekend gone

I sat on the couch the other night and reflected on just how fast time goes. During the week it’s so repetitive. Work, come home, put son to bed, eat dinner, get half an hour of free time, go to bed. Get up, rinse and repeat.

Wednesdays are my day off to spend with my son, and we always make it quality time. Then weekends we try to do something as a family – usually we’re booked up with some kind of event with friends or family. Or we might have organised a day off to spend solo. This weekend just gone I had organised for my husband to have the day to himself, and originally he had organised to go offshore fishing but due to the wind and swell they didn’t head out. Instead he used the time to do some stuff around the house, chores or tasks that he had wanted to do for a while but not had time.

My friend and I had a great day heading around the coast. We first went down to Caloundra for a walk around the markets before taking a ride on the temporary Ferris Wheel they’ve set up for the school holidays.

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A couple of shots from the weekend hanging out with @travelling_ness exploring Caloundra with coffee, babycinos, markets and the Ferris Wheel (temporarily there until the 21st of July, perfect for the school holidays). #sunshinecoast #caloundra #weekend #friends #lovewhereyoulive #ferriswheel #eyeofcaloundra #temporary #schoolholidayfun #lucamichaelangelo [...]  read more