I’m officially a beginner yogi (completing the beginner’s yoga course)

Yoga studio ios app

This year one of my “52 in 52” goals was to complete the Beginner Essentials course on an iPhone app I downloaded. I’ve spoken in the past about my hip issues, tight from sitting down at work for too long and overdoing it on the exercise front. My theory was that yoga would help me combat that.

It was so effective that my hip pain is completely gone.

The app that I use is “Yoga Studio“, and from it’s own page it comes pretty highly regarded:

⁃ Recommended by: Mac|Life, 148Apps, iMore, Gizmodo, Fox, MSN, The Guardian, Huffington Post, and many more
⁃ Featured by Apple in “New and Noteworthy”, “What’s Hot” and the “Get in Shape” Essential App Collection
⁃ Voted runner-up in “Best App Ever” Awards 2013 & 2012 (Fitness category) [...]  read more

Training journal: week 3

Training journal week 3

My plan to up the mileage this week didn’t come to fruition unfortunately. It wasn’t that I lost sight of my goal, it’s more that again I didn’t want to push my body too far. I wasn’t feeling 100% during the week unfortunately. You can see the details in my training journal below:


I had a massage during the week, and on the Tuesday morning I pulled up pretty bruised. I didn’t let that stop me though, and had an enjoyable run with the MAF training.

There was another good run on Saturday, timing myself for a 5km on the treadmill at the gym. I’m still trying to work out the MAF training indoors. My heart rate was too low for the run, but I’m worried about the speed. If I increase my cadence too much I’ll probably get a stitch; so I might try upping the incline a little so it’s less easy. I’ll report on how that goes next time. [...]  read more

October update of the 52 list

52 in 52 for 2016
52 in 52 for 2016

Right now I should be working on wedding stuff (less than 2 weeks to go – eek!) but honestly, I’m a little over thinking about it. I’m super excited, but I truly can’t wait until the discussion on the weekend is “what do we feel like doing” as opposed to “what item on the to do list shall we tackle today?”. This morning we went and checked out the venue and finalised all the little minor details, so I’ve really only got a bit more admin’ish stuff to do, pick up my dress, and then we’re onto the final week beauty regime! As I write this the boy is out in the yard knocking up another cool piece of furniture for the wedding, I truly have been impressed by his talents. [...]  read more

Health update: not going as planned

The autoimmune protocol diet is over, and I'm due to write a final post with my thoughts on it soon. But, spoiler alert, I didn't get the results I hoped for.

I originally did the diet because of the list of symptoms I had, including:

Fatigue (even to the point that leaving the house for a couple of hours meant I needed to lay down when we got home) Bloating (I looked pregnant at some points) Varying bowel movements Headaches Stomach cramps (including around my belly button, which I can only explain it feels like someone is trying to rip my belly button out – it hurts) Extreme sugar cravings Diagnosis of Leaky Gut by a naturopath Irritability (just ask Mario – he’ll vouch for this one) Itchy ears

I will go into more detail on my round up post, but in a nutsehll I am currently in the foetal position on the couch with stabbing pains in my stomach. I left work early today and went to the doc, as Mario managed to make me freak and think I was actually suffering appendicitis! The doc felt my stomach, and said it didn't feel like it was that, so that eased that concern.  [...]  read more

Recap: Week 2 of the Autoimmune Protocol diet


Compared to last week, this week has been a walk in the park although it hasn’t been without its challenges. What I wasn’t expecting was for my weight loss to continue to this degree.

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