Half marathon training diary – 37 weeks to go

I’m 3 weeks into my training, 24 weeks left in my training plan and 37 weeks left until the half marathon. 

The first few weeks have been good to give me a bit of an introduction of what’s to come. I’ve also been able to get an idea of what works and doesn’t work, equipment wise, and so there’s been a bit of chopping and changing with what I’m doing. 

Let’s take a look at what I’ve learned so far.

Nike Run Club review

I used the Nike Run Club app to create my training plan, purely because it was an app that I knew that had them, and it integrated with my Apple watch. Simplicity is what won here. The fact that I could customise the plan based on timeframe was great. They also have some awesome looking “guided runs” that I wanted to try in the future (also available to start on the watch). [...]  read more

15 quick updates about the last two weeks

Image of runnng stats from garmin connect

It’s been a pretty crazy busy two weeks here at Kelly’s World. I thought instead of writing all of it in a long drawn out way (much like this sentence) I would write a quick bullet point list. After all, I freaking love lists (refer to my 52 list that I write every year, and have done so for the last 10 years). Then it’s time to get back to housework and mothering a 4.5 month old.

  • Luca caught his second cold ever, only this one was way worse than the last. I’m talking lots of runny noses, wet coughs from the mucus running down his throat, and projectile vomits because of the stomach irritation caused by the mucus. It was not fun.
  • One night we barely got any sleep because of how bad Luca’s breathing was. Mario even spent a couple of hours sleeping on the floor of Luca’s room just to make sure he was OK. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that the cold has passed now.
  • Luca slept last night from about 6.30pm to 4.30am, with an involuntary wake up at 10pm. I woke him up to give him a “dream feed”, where you feed them but they’re still mostly asleep. It’s meant to help them sleep longer through the night, and it appears it worked. I am so thrilled he slept that long, and I’m praying he does it again tonight.
  • If he does sleep that long, I’m also praying that my body will actually let me sleep longer than 3 hours in one stretch. I kept waking up to check on him last night, so I got about 2.5 – 3hrs at the most in one go. I don’t remember what it’s like to sleep for longer than that.
  • The difference between 2 hours of sleep and 3 hours of sleep is insane. At three hours I feel human. At 2 hours I feel like I want to claw my eyes out. And Mario has to constantly take cover, because I’m irritable as hell. Even if it adds up to 8 hours of sleep overnight, if I haven’t slept for longer than 2 hours in a stretch, I’m horrible to be around.
  • Luca is still attending swimming classes and loving it. In the past 2 weeks it’s clicked in his mind about how to splash in the water. He loves it! This week he absolutely coated both of us, it was hilarious. Thanks to Kyleigh for the video!
  • I’ve started a new workout program with “The Bod Squad“. My friend won a 6 week pass to join them but couldn’t use it so offered it to me. They have full blown programs for weight loss with meal plans and more, but with the 6 week pass I’ve only got access to the workouts and the child minding. So far I’m loving it! I’m on my second week, and had a major legs workout yesterday. I can really feel it today! I was super nervous joining them given I’m at my heaviest and most unfit, but they made me feel really welcome. Now all that’s left is to tackle that pesky eating issue I have and start dropping the kilos!
  • I’ve been taking Luca to “Rhyme Time” at the library, which is really fun. He stares at everyone while we’re there, but when we come home and sing the songs to him he’s full of smiles. It’s been great for me to learn all the nursery rhymes again.
  • Have you ever noticed how horrible the backstories are for nursery rhymes? I’ve only just realised this as I’ve become more exposed to them in the past few weeks. If they’re not racist they’re about death. It made me wonder, can you imagine if there were nursery rhymes sung about recent events? 9/11? Terrorism? I googled the background and found this link, but in a nutshell some of what I’d heard:
    • Ring around the Rosie – Black Plague (debunked in that link).
    • Rock-a-bye-baby: about the child of royalty that’s not actually theirs.
    • Here we go round the mulberry bush: about exercising prisoners!
  • Last night I attended a wordpress meetup group for the first time since Luca was born. It was amazing! It was great to see familiar faces and also answer some questions people had. The change from the usual night time routine of feeding and getting a baby to sleep was nice, as was the chance to use my brain again. When I got home Mario had everything completely under control, probably why Luca slept so well.
  • I had some issues with my back that I had to see the chiro weekly for the last month. It was mainly caused by my scoliosis, and not having dealt with it since before Luca’s birth. The issues are finally under control and I’m feeling much better. I’m back to fortnightly visits for now.
  • My running training is going slowly. I’ve had to pike out on a few runs either because I didn’t have time, or from Luca’s cold when I needed to be home and looking after him. I’m hoping to get some more time to run during the week but we’ll see how it goes. I did manage to clock in a Friday afternoon with Ness randomly last Friday, it was great! My pace is super slow but right now I’m working at just running 5km consistently without walking. The goal is to keep my heart rate at 141bpm, and for this run it averaged 139. Not bad! And we ran more than walked this time round, which is good (albeit slowly).
  • I’ve started back at work but doing minimal hours. So far I’m really enjoying being back, although I’m working from home. My mum or Mario looks after Luca while I’m working, and I shut myself away in our study so I can’t hear him. I can already see how much of a struggle it will be for me when I go back properly part time and Luca goes into daycare. I’m only locked away for a few hours but I miss him quite a lot while I’m in there!
  • I haven’t had much time to work on 52s this month. I’m going to start trying to tackle them in my free time (hahaha – what’s that).
  • We’ve had so much rain on the coast recently, and apparently in the next few days we’re going to cop some more tropical low conditions with wind and rain. I daresay that’s going to be some serious time indoors! I’ve got plans to make some sensory toys for Luca to play with, so that should be fun! The last few days I’ve been scouring pinterest, and can’t wait to try out what I’ve found with Luca!
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    Back running again

    Before I fell pregnant I was running a lot. Like “every morning” a lot. We lived near the beach, so every morning I would walk 2 mins down to the beach then set off for a 30min run. I would use it to de-stress and clear my mind. It was my “go to” for feeling relaxed. I ran in different events throughout the year, never competitively (I wasn’t that great) but for fun.

    Once I fell pregnant I couldn’t run any more. First it was the nausea, then it was the discomfort. I ended up giving it up.

    Well, bub is now 4 months old and it’s time to get back into it.

    The training program

    Previously I had used the MAF training method, which uses heart rate as a guide for determining the appropriate pace. I decided I would follow that again for the following reasons:

  • I’m unfit. I’ve been doing some gym classes and walking on the treadmill, but I’m nowhere near ready to just bust out a full 30min run.
  • The MAF training helps to make sure you’re not running too fast. Your heart rate shows how hard you’re working, so if you run too fast your heart rate spikes and boom – alert to slow down. And when you run too fast it’s not enjoyable and you can injure yourself.
  • I’m only going to be running three times a week to start with, and just easy runs. I’m not aiming for a specific time, or a PB, or anything competitive. I don’t need speed and tempo runs. I just need to get some time under my belt. Keeping at an easy pace for 30mins allows me to do that while simultaneously building my fitness level. Once I get fitter then I may start looking at a more structured program depending on my other commitments (read: husband, child, work, life etc)
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    8 times I wish I could punch myself

    There’s a difference between regretting something, and just acknowledging you’re an idiot. I don’t have many regrets (none that spring to mind right now anyway). Yet there are times that I can admit I said/did things that were pretty dumb. Really dumb.

    Let’s get real. I needed future me to come and give me a big slap in the face.

    Ohhhhh how I had no idea.

    1- When I complained about how “fat” I was in early pregnancy

    I have this one on my blog even. It’s documented there for everyone to see! At the time everyone kept saying “just you wait”, but I was too caught up in my emotion at the time. It was just bloating you idiot-from-the-past! Now, I’m genuinely stuck with fatty back bums and fluid filled nether regions. My back looks like I have gills. My butt has its own post code, and could actually be a sufficient spot to store away another two babies. When I was complaining, I still fit my jeans back then! What an unappreciative idiot.

    2- When I complained about bad sleep

    6 hours being “bad”? Oh, but I got to sleep soundly and without waking with butt/leg cramps or a need to pee/eat before the universe collapses in on itself? Now my nights are filled with either needing to puke from heart burn, pee breaks or just being uncomfortable as heck.

    I still don’t even appreciate how bad it’s going to get. Even just writing this I’m looking around waiting for future me to appear. I guess they still haven’t invented time travel. Maybe future me is too sleep deprived to care.

    3- Getting upset about not running fast enough

    I can’t run at all right now. So to the version of me from back then, harden up princess! You’re out there smashing it, no matter how fast or slow you’re running! Appreciate you have two legs and a heart beat that means you can move! What I would give to go for a solid 10km run right now. I had it so good.

    4- When I thought pregnant women were lazy

    I’m going to hang my head low for this one, and feel the angry mob coming together. I admit I actually thought this. The other night I did the ironing, and it was maybe ten pieces of clothing? I was dreading standing up after the second! My feet were swollen, and I know my posture was disgusting.

    In the third trimester I’m just hating standing up. The first trimester was a different kind of fatigue – the one where I just couldn’t move. Everything hurt. But at least if I wanted to roll up into a ball I could. Now, I can’t sit down without fearing having to get up, and the effort that involves. Every single operation of every single day revolves around how hard it will be to move, and can I get around my gut (or, you know, baby). Standing right now makes me wonder if the baby is going to fall out (it would make for an easy labour though).

    5- When I voted for Clive Palmer in the government

    This one is going to make other people want to hit me too. At the time, we had Labour and Liberal politicians that were annoying. They had done bugger all. In my wisdom (read: idiocy) I thought that I would vote for Clive for the following reasons:

  • I didn’t actually think he would get in
  • I thought if he did, he would shake up it up
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    Stepping up for the rest of this pregnancy

    Earlier this week a friend and I were discussing Steptember, which I did last year with a group of mates. This year, knowing that I will be heavily pregnant I didn't want to commit to it again, but I did want to give myself a challenge. I wanted to see, starting immediately, how long I could do 10,000 steps a day for.My thought was that given my exercise has been a bit hit and miss this pregnancy it would give me the motivation to keep moving. We started yesterday, and smashed it for say 1. We did an hour walk in the morning, and I followed that up by getting out of the office at lunch. Combining that with general movement every hour I finished the day with 13,369 steps. This morning I've worked up feeling exhausted. I had a shocking night sleep. We went to bed early at 8.30ish, but it wasn't until 9.30 that I felt tired. Still, that was a good start. Then this:

  • 12.30am – woke up feeling sure it would be close to 5 and it was time to relieve my bladder. Saw the time and groaned. Went to the loo, went back to bed.
  • 1am – finally give up trying to sleep, stomach rumbling. I'd struggled to eat dinner the night before so it made sense to be hungry. Go into the kitchen and have a muesli bar plus a salada.
  • 1.15am – decide to try and make a hot chocolate, hoping the warm milk will be tired. Sit on the couch drinking it reading the news.
  • 2.30am – eyes finally start feeling heavy, go to bed
  • 3.30am – wake up with a cramp in my right hip. Try and stretch it out by getting up for another walk and trying not to wake Mario.
  • 5am – wake up from Mario's morning alarm. Chat for a bit, suddenly feel extremely nauseous. Bubs is kicking my tummy which makes me want to puke. Mario rubs my tummy trying to get bub to move.
  • 5.15am – Mario gets out of bed to get ready for work, I try to get back to sleep.
  • 6am – give up and get out of bed with the intention to go for a walk. More hunger pains so give up and have breakfast instead.
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