52 in 52: Complete a self care check up worksheet once a fortnight

One of my 52-in-52s for this year was to complete a self-care checkup worksheet once a fortnight. It’s one that I found on Positive Psychology when I was researching tips on improving your mental health. I completed my first check up last night. It isn’t difficult to do, but it does make you face reality. … Read more

10pm ramblings

I’m writing this at 10pm at night. I’ve just gotten home from the gym and showered, had a brief chat with my husband, and sat down at the laptop to let the words spill out. You see, I’ve got a lot on my mind. Writing it down gets the thoughts out of my head and … Read more

I’m a selfish mum, and I’m proud of it

A long time ago a friend pointed out how I described myself on social media and my blog. I had described my role to other people before my own identity came through. For example a wife, and mother, and then me. I didn’t come first. It was quite eye opening. Given that my blog is … Read more

2018 first quarter review (one second a day)

Banner image of one second every day video

Last year I started doing a month-by-month video capturing one second every day. I posted it every month, finally culminating in the 2017 year in review video. It was so good I decided to do it again this year. I got some friends hooked in the meantime as well! The difference is this year I’m … Read more