I’m a taco

Tonight I’m writing in a much more upbeat mood than in my previous post. I’m excited to check in and share some updates with you! So, how has my day been? Well, Luca woke us up multiple times overnight with random nightmares or coughing. The grand finale was at 2.30am when finally we brought him … Read more

Writing has become scary

Oh um, hi there! I’m challenging myself to write something tonight because every time I have tried to write a post lately I’ve just freaked a bit. I always worry that I’m complaining too much, that no one will want to read this blah blah blah. Tonight I reminded myself my original purpose for writing … Read more

Dentist tomorrow (my worst nightmare)

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I’m just writing a quick post tonight as I need to do some foam rolling and yoga after this, then apply fake tan, and then bed. Phew. As an epilogue to my post last night about toilet training, this morning I gave my little guy a hug and apologised to him. I explained I made … Read more

Random musings before bed

It sucks how when you’ve been sleeping badly for a while that you start getting reluctant to go bed, and in turn sleep less than your body needs. My voice seemed like it was coming back. Then I had a couple of VERY short meetings and calls for work, and talked to my family. Now … Read more

Sunday pantry winning (before and after pics)

I’ve had a pretty successful Sunday, despite the fact that I’ve been up (mostly) since 1.30am this morning. No sleep for the wicked Today started when I woke up at 1.30 coughing from this blasted cold. FYI – I’ve had a covid test and I’m negative thankfully, so I know it’s just a cold or … Read more