Sunday night…alright!

There’s something about Sunday nights that just fill me with optimism. Especially if I’ve managed to snag a bit of time to get some housework done – it just makes life feel a little less chaotic. I’m determined to hit some goals this week.

We had a great weekend, and I think that’s what has put me in such a great mood.

Saturday morning started with taking the little guy to soccer, then we picked up my sister and went and to the bakery with the best croissants in the world (Pastry Lab). My sister-in-law had been dying to try them so she ordered some online and we collected them before, dropping my sister off, picking my husband up and drove 1.5 hours south to my in-laws. That afternoon we went and visited some friends for some wine (I left the hubby there to party on while I took the little man home to the in laws for bed).  [...]  read more

Here comes Santa Clause…

Ethan The Cheeky Elf - ALDI Australia

I can’t believe Christmas is nearly here! Most years we don’t normally fuss that much, we put up a tree and that’s about it. Since having Luca we’ve done the Santa photo thing, but as he gets older I’m working on embracing it more.

This year I’m upping the ante again.

  • Elf on a shelf
  • Lawn ornaments
  • Making Christmas decorations
  • Advent calendar

Elfing about

I bought the Aldi version of the elf, since I couldn’t justify spending $55 on “the real thing”. I mean ultimately it’s just a toy that we’re going to be posing around the house. I’ve been looking at pinterest, googling etc. Next on the to-do list is to write myself a schedule (my Project Manager roots are showing). [...]  read more

Cheers to the weekend

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day….and I’m feeling good.

Nina Simone/Michael Buble – “”Feeling Good”

I was just about to title this article “starting the week on a high”, and then the news told me that Foo Fighters just released more music. The week just got even better!

It’s 7am on Monday morning, I’m eating breakfast and I’ve got my feet up. I’ve just finished my run on the treadmill and showered. After I finish breakfast I’ll pack my lunch and head into the office. Last night I slept for 7 hours, the night before that I slept for 9. I feel rested, and human. I feel motivated and positive. [...]  read more

Holidays are over – back to work

After a week off I’m back in the office this week. I had taken the week off after working some insane hours lately, with the goal of resting and doing some projects at home I’d been hanging out to do.

Well, unfortunately the week disappeared in a blur of mileage for my run club and chores. I don’t feel “rested” as such, but at least my brain is mentally rested from work, so there’s that. I did have some great times – I got out for a morning walk and coffee with a friend, and was able to pick up my son from daycare early and the family headed down to the beach for a play (even my pup was able to make it out with us).  [...]  read more

Every day I’m shufflin

We’re camping this weekend with friends, and as luck would have it (and poor coordination of the diary by me) it’s also the date that I start an event with my run club. So basically I’m trying to fit in 24km a day around camping. It’s a lot.

We’re staying at an extremely nice place which I’ll give you a full review later. But it’s wonderful, and even includes a gym.

I used the gym tonight, and unfortunately the treadmill is a jerk that stops completely every 24mins. And when you’ve got about 12 – 13km to get done, it’s annoying.  [...]  read more