November one second a day

Someone blinked and the month was over. Whoever that was, please try to blink a bit slower for the rest of the year? I’ve got stuff I need to do!

Some pretty incredible highlights for the month – some that are historical moments that will go down in Australian history

  • Australia voted YES! on gay marriage!!!!!!!! (I can’t tell you how happy I am about this)
  • Reached the one year wedding anniversary with my husband
  • Friends from Victoria visited us
  • Started getting out more with Luca, trying to use the pram or carrier
  • Got the all clear to start driving from the doctor (after my c section)
  • Started working out again
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    Weekly recap

    I’ve not had much down time this week away from Luca that I could spend in front of the computer, hence the lack of posts. Right now we are in the car (Mario is driving), so I can write my weekly recap.

    • Saw the paediatrician on Monday for his 6 week appointment – all ticks of approval. It looks like he’s gaining between 200-300g a week, well above the required 150g. Not long and he’s going to have some substantial fat rolls! In a good way of course.
    • I’m focused on trying to get him some quality naps during the day. I’ve been working on recognising his sleep cues, which I think I’m getting better at. Now just to get better at actually settling him to sleep!
    • Thanks to some recommendations from friends I’m going to start trying white noise apps. The most success we’ve had getting him to sleep was when I held him while vacuuming, or when Mario was playing some music. Based on that it looks like noise is his friend, instead of a quiet room. The paediatrician said this week should be his worst week for sleep though, so hopefully it’s all up from here!
    • The little guy had his needles on Tuesday for his 6 weeks vaccination. He cried, but settled and fed straight away. The rest of the day he was quite drowsy, but back to normal by that evening. Champion!
    • He started smiling this week!! And I managed to catch it on camera after a not-so-great night

    Last night was hard. Luca slept the usual amount of time but getting him down into his bassinet was difficult. He would wake and cry immediately. At one point I was so frustrated I woke hubby and asked him to do it. I was tired, hormonal and close to tears. From that point on whenever Luca woke to feed, I would feed him and hubby would put him down. At 4.30 I tried to put him down myself again, failed and asked the hubby. I fell asleep, and had no idea that hubby took Luca out into the living room to sleep. Hubby stayed awake holding him so that I could get some uninterrupted sleep, sacrificing his own at the same time. I felt horrible when I woke up, but grateful at the same time. He has to work today so it’s going to be a long day for him. But today….the smiles like this make the lack of sleep seem irrelevant. Luca’s finally cracking the smiles regularly, and every time it melts the heart of his father and I. Lack of sleep what now? I’ve forgotten already. #babiesofinstagram #lucamichaelangelo #6weeksold #babies #parenting #mumlife read more

    October one second a day

    This month was epic in the grand scheme of things – irreversibly changing my life.

    It’s the month that we gave birth to our son.

    Plus some other things of course, but they pale a bit in comparison. Needless to say the video quickly becomes full of images of our little man, as well as our hospital stay and eventual return home.

    Other highlights from the month:

    • Celebrated 11 months of wedded bliss with my husband
    • I learned how to use the whipper snipper for the first time
    • Picnic in the hinterlands for a 52
    • The last few days of pregnancy were hard, I was exhausted
    • Going back to hospital 14 days after bub was born with excruciating rib pain (resolved on itself, many theories on what caused it)

    I can’t promise you that November is just going to be full of photos of the baby…sorry.

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    September one second a day

    Yet another month down, and what an epic month it has been! Seriously, I love this year.


  • Our baby shower, where we were spoiled beyond belief and incredibly humbled
  • Our beautiful niece was christened
  • Seeing the girls from one of my favourite podcasts, My Favourite Murder
  • An amazing backyard renovation led by my hubby
  • Finishing up work and officially beginning maternity leave
  • A couple of visits to the hospital with scares for bub (all clear)
  • Makeover of my blog with some new branding
  • Started collecting colostrum ready for bub’s arrival
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    Errands + baby brain = first day of maternity leave

    This morning I woke up feeling rested, despite spending part of the night trying to erase the taste of vomit from my mouth. At 11pm the acid my heart burn had crawled up into my throat again and decided I should re-taste dinner. Thankfully I woke up, sat bolt upright and forced it back down. Then drank a s**t ton of water trying to rid of the taste while still coughing up the odd food particle. Nice, right? I stacked my pillows three high, and managed to get back to sleep eventually.

    When I woke up again at 6.30 (there was a pee break in there at 3.30am), I felt pretty decent. I had a nice breakfast of avo on toast (prepared by Mario) and sat with my feet up until just after 8. I left home for a morning session with the chiro, before returning home with the intention of chilling out for a few hours. read more