September one second a day

Yet another month down, and what an epic month it has been! Seriously, I love this year.


  • Our baby shower, where we were spoiled beyond belief and incredibly humbled
  • Our beautiful niece was christened
  • Seeing the girls from one of my favourite podcasts, My Favourite Murder
  • An amazing backyard renovation led by my hubby
  • Finishing up work and officially beginning maternity leave
  • A couple of visits to the hospital with scares for bub (all clear)
  • Makeover of my blog with some new branding
  • Started collecting colostrum ready for bub’s arrival
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    Errands + baby brain = first day of maternity leave

    This morning I woke up feeling rested, despite spending part of the night trying to erase the taste of vomit from my mouth. At 11pm the acid my heart burn had crawled up into my throat again and decided I should re-taste dinner. Thankfully I woke up, sat bolt upright and forced it back down. Then drank a s**t ton of water trying to rid of the taste while still coughing up the odd food particle. Nice, right? I stacked my pillows three high, and managed to get back to sleep eventually.

    When I woke up again at 6.30 (there was a pee break in there at 3.30am), I felt pretty decent. I had a nice breakfast of avo on toast (prepared by Mario) and sat with my feet up until just after 8. I left home for a morning session with the chiro, before returning home with the intention of chilling out for a few hours. read more

    Weekend recap

    I’ve blinked and we’re already at Monday morning! This Monday is a bit special though, it’s my last week of work until May! Yep, maternity leave kicks off at the end of this week. I’m planning on having an alcohol-free wine with the mister outside Friday night just to toast the transition. I can’t believe it’s here already.

    Even though the weekend went way too fast, I had a great time. It had a little bit of everything:

    • Housework
    • Date with the husband
    • Shopping
    • Relaxing on the couch
    • Catch up with parents
    • Binge watching Netflix

    More backyard work

    Both Saturday and Sunday Mario spent more time out in the garden. He put mulch on top of the retaining wall, and moved the lighter pots onto the top of it. We still have some huge terracotta pots that require at least 2 people to move, but we’re not sure where we want to put them yet. read more

    Facebook “wtf” product ads

    Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook, seen a product ad, and simply wondered:

    What the fuck is that?!

    That happened to me the other week. I had to stop and screenshot the products in question, because I needed proof in the future when I tried to explain what I had seen. Tonight, I decided I would try and guess what the products were. In my defence I did try to find them again on the site so that I could actually link to them for you all, but they had disappeared. If anyone wants to hunt for them on, good luck! read more

    August one second a day

    Woah – 3 months left for 2017! That’s just crazy!

    August was another pretty crazy month, with lots on with friends and family. To recap the monthly highlights:

  • Celebrating the birthdays of my Aunt K-A, and good friends, Vasi and Scotty
  • Lots of food adventures:
    • High tea with my Mum and Aunty Sue
    • Being able to eat indian without wanting to throw up (yay pregnancy)
    • Falling in love with Polenta all over again
    • An attempt to make banana bread that was more like “banana slush”
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