I love reading blogs, and I’ve listed all of my favourite ones below for you. Some are my friends are in real life, some are people I’ve never met but absolutely love reading their updates. Enjoy!

  • Amyo is a geek: My sister’s blog, and the person responsible for introducing me to blogging. Amy writes about her amazing travels around the world and has declared herself as one of the “lucky bitches”. 
  • 4 passengers: One of my real life friends, and a newbie to the blogging scene. One of the nicest people I know.
  • Runs for Cookies: I’m constantly inspired by Katie’s musings about running and life in general
  • Woog’s World: Always good for an entertaining read, a hilarious mummy blogger
  • Dooce: Made blogging famous when she got sacked for writing about her workplace, and turned her blog into her new workplace. One of the original mummy bloggers, and a brilliant read
  • Scott Adam’s blog: Highly political but a very interesting take on life, and intriguing “master persuasion” series about the US election