Locked down…but nearly there

Just over 2 weeks ago I wrote this post after my latest bout of eating disorder behaviour. I had spiralled with anxiety and my inner critic, and the world was spinning around me. Writing is my way of making it stop, hitting the reset button and getting on with life again. I actually have instructions … Read more

Losing control and fighting to regain it

This morning I woke up and ate 7 chocolate biscuits before 6am. I had a cup of tea, and I ate in secrecy because no one else was awake yet. If they were, I wouldn’t have done it. This is a symptom of my eating disorder. I’ve just gotten back from a weekend away, spending … Read more

Meet my Harpy – ED Group Week 5

Tonight was week 5 of my 10 week eating disorder group. We’ve officially reached the halfway point, and I’m actually sad in a way. I look forward to these meetings now, and my Tuesday nights are going to feel a bit empty without it. There are people in there that I just adore; I love … Read more

Half year 52-in-52 check in

Last week we had a pretty crap week, although when you compare to what’s going on in the world at the moment we didn’t really have that many issues. As a quick recap, here’s a few things that happened last week: There was a COVID outbreak in our state We went into lock down, but … Read more

What do I need? – ED Group Week 3

Notepad asking "what is my needs"

Tonight was week 3 of my Eating Disorder Group Program….and it was….a lot. After 2 weeks of feeling uncomfortably comfortable, tonight we started to dig into the deeper stuff and truly become vulnerable. I mean, I didn’t even have that much to share and I still was overwhelmed with emotion. I think empathy can be … Read more