Hard Habits – 4 weeks aiming for a personal best

Tonight I feel a tremendous sense of relief, a huge weight off if you will. I finished phase 1 of a huge project at work that I’ve been working an insane amount of hours on for what I think is about 12 weeks now. Parts of my weekends, nights…

I can finally breathe again and do something else.

At 4pm I called my husband, told him I was coming home and we were all going out for dinner. I wanted some family time. We went to the tavern, Luca played in the kids room (and won a ton of lollipops), we had some dinner and went home. I was so tired I wasn’t very talkative, not the greatest dinner date, but it was so good to spend time with my boys.

I had plans of being in bed tonight by 8pm. The last two nights I’ve worked until 12am and 1.30am respectively, and back up again around 5.30. Tired was an understatement. Luca seems to have caught a cold again too and was waking a bit coughing, so when I was sleeping it wasn’t very great. Not to mention I had been eating sugar (survival “stay awake” mode) so I was waking up feeling hung over.
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Tomorrow my major project hits the final day of phase 1. Months of work, excessive hours. All that stuff. 

Tomorrow night I will be in bed by 8pm. 

Tomorrow I will get sleep. 

Tomorrow…I will have something else to talk about other than being tired. 

Sunday night already??

Image source: dinosandcomics

I just saw this graphic, and I think it’s so perfect for this post:

I’m sitting here wondering how the heck it’s already Sunday night. The entire weekend passed by in such a blur! It was so super busy, and the first chance I’ve had to sit still I’m at the computer doing….you guessed it…work.

In 48 hours I’ll be finished this huge massive project, and I cannot wait. I’m already thinking about how I’m going to celebrate it being over. Well, phase 1 at least. I have grand plans of being a super crazy party animal and going to bed early.  [...]  read more

Birthday festival day 2

Today we continued with the festivities for Luca’s birthday, with a family gathering for my husband’s side of the family.

The day started off with Luca waking and playing with his toys in excitement. While my hubby got to work on the cake for day 3 (because of course there’s 3 days) I took the little man off to soccer. It’s about a 40min class, and after about 15-20mins he was wrecked. He had a big day today, and finally it all felt a bit much. He laid down on the floor, and when I picked him up he snuggled in. We ended up watching from the chairs for a bit instead. [...]  read more

Massive day, birthday boy

I’m wrecked and about to go to sleep. I sound like a broken record, I need to find a better time to write a post every day. I’m on such a great blogging streak at the moment that I wanted to make sure I posted *something* tonight.

today was Luca’s 3rd birthday, and it’s been non stop! This morning he got to visit a fire station and see the big trucks, then he spent the day at daycare while I rushed through a poorly sewn cubby house for him. Dinner tonight was out to a restaurant with the family.
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