A triple shot of coffee a day keeps the sheep away

I think I jinxed myself last night. I wrote about being tired because of Luca’s nightmares, then we had the worst night sleep in a long time. He was tossing and turning for a bit, then told us that his ear hurt, and wouldn’t settle without cuddles. My husband stayed in there for a bit, … Read more

Nightmares and swim class

I’ve left tonight’s post a little late; it’s been a full day of work, craft and parenting time (quality time with my little guy and husband). I just finished folding three baskets of washing that’s been sitting on the couch for about 5 days, and I promised my husband they’d be done by 9am this … Read more

Up and down fails

Today has been a bit of an up and down day. I spent all day working (on my last week of holidays), although it was necessary because of something super important at work. I wasn’t meant to be on holidays this long, originally I’d taken just a week off over Christmas. I had leave that … Read more

52 in 52: Complete a self care check up worksheet once a fortnight

One of my 52-in-52s for this year was to complete a self-care checkup worksheet once a fortnight. It’s one that I found on Positive Psychology when I was researching tips on improving your mental health. I completed my first check up last night. It isn’t difficult to do, but it does make you face reality. … Read more

Sunday round up – mileage and sugar hangover

This morning I woke up feeling like I was hungover. I’d gotten to bed at a decent’ish time (just after 10pm), but I placed the blame solely on having dessert last night. We had friends for dinner, and had apple pie with custard. Drew had also made some ice cream at home so I had … Read more