Walks, coffee, croissants and strength

Yesterday I had such a great day! Even though it was interspersed with work still (I’m so close to having the next project go live) I managed to get out and do some fun stuff!

First up in the morning I headed down for a walk and a coffee with a friend. Another friend and her husband were opening a new bakery and I wanted to go show some support. I’d been lusting after his baking on facebook for a while and I was so excited to take a look!

The walk was great! We followed a pathway having absolutely no idea where we were going, since neither of us ever get down that way. We ended up walking along the water and coming across the back of the Caloundra Big 4 camping ground. There was a huge jumping pillow for the kids, and for the parents, a cute coffee caravan and places to sit. It looked amazing and needless to say is on the list of places to go this summer with friends. They have cabins there, so it’s going to be great for those friends and family that either aren’t keen on the “camping” bit or have injuries that require a proper bed. Obviously because of the kids I couldn’t take a photo to share, so here’s a pic of the water instead 🙂  [...]  read more

Made it past day 1!

Good morning! I’m happy to report that I made it past day 1 yesterday on the 75 hard’ish challenge, woohoo!

I had a pretty good day overall. A quick summary:

  • Having a 1L water bottle and knowing I need to have drunk it all by lunch (ready for a refill) really helps, instead of a 700ml or smaller.
  • It felt like I was pregnant again with the number of times I had to pee (I’m not pregnant!!). I don’t miss that feeling!
  • I spent the day feeling hungry, but I know that it wasn’t actually from a need of food, it was from the habit of (over)eating. I was able to get past it with coffee and water
  • I struggled to get my 30mins of exercise of outside – I planned on running outside at lunch but then decided to keep it to later in the arv so it wasn’t in full sun, then got stuck in a meeting from 2.30 – 5.30 so by the time I got out the sun was setting! When I got home eventually it was dark

Overall though it was a good day and I felt pretty strong!

I’ve been working some crazy hours lately but took the time to apply some fake tan last night. I always feel a bit better (body-image wise) when my legs don’t look translucent/white! The difference is subtle but natural, which is great. Here’s a look at the difference on my shoulder.  [...]  read more

75 Hard’ish: Day 1

Well, here I am kicking off Day 1. The first day of 75. I’m calling it “Hard’ish” since I’m not following the actual 75 hard (which is a lot bigger, defined and hard – hence the name).

I forgot to weigh in before I ate breakfast this morning, so I’m not sure what my starting weight was. When I realised I decided that’s not necessarily a bad thing, since the scales can be misleading. One of my tasks is to take a daily progress photo, and that’s where the important difference will show. I hope!  [...]  read more

From 83 to 75 Hard

Back on the 1st of July I walked 10,000 steps. In a throwaway comment my friend challenged both of us to keep it up for the month. So we did. 

Then the next month I had a step challenge to raise funds for breast cancer. I did that too. 

Now, 83 days later and I’m still going strong with 10,000 steps a day!

It’s not been easy. With all the stuff going in life there have been some panic moments madly pacing the house to get the steps in by midnight. My closest call I only had about 5mins to spare. But it’s been great for keeping me moving and now I don’t want to break my streak! It’s been especially great when work has been crazy busy and I could have so easily have spent 14 hours at the desk not moving. [...]  read more

Drunk caravan curtain sewing in 33 steps

If drunk sewing was a thing I’d be a world champion.

Actually, maybe not. Because if I’d had wine tonight then I’d probably have sewn my finger to something. Or maybe I’d have been more chill and I would have gotten my project done faster. Hmm…but I’m not all that keen to find out which scenario is more likely to be true.

But basically my straight lines are like someone closed their eyes and hoped for the best. They’re not great.


I’m sewing curtains

We bought a caravan recently and I want to slowly redo the interior. The curtains we inherited aren’t so bad, they’re just pretty dusty and old. The lace underneath however was pretty disgusting. Think old, brown (meant to be white) lace that looks more suited to being an ugly doily than anything to be hung in line-of-sight. [...]  read more