Birthing story of our first born

Precursor: bunny and I are completely safe and well, but we had an difficult birth.

Arriving at the hospital

Came in at 3.30am Monday morning after losing the mucus plug with blood in it. I didn’t realise there would be a fair bit more blood afterwards, so came in to check it out. I was having mild contractions every 5mins and a dull ache in the meantime. Baby’s heart rate was good though, so we decided to hang around until Dr James did his rounds in the morning to see if I was dilated or not.

When he checked I was already dilated by 2cm, and since I was booked in to be induced Thursday we figured we may as well start things now. He broke my waters, and we discovered some meconium in the water. He said not to worry, but we would keep the monitoring on for the labour then to check that baby was OK and not stressed. read more

The Pregnancy diary: 40 weeks

Well, I’ve hit the big 4-0 and still no baby. It’s clear that bub has my genetics when it comes to his knack for schedules. If he was anything like Mario, he would have arrived on Monday, just to make sure he definitely arrived before his due date. Since he’s like me, he’s probably only just realising that he was meant to be here today, and he’s rushing around trying to get ready. His arrival time is anyone’s guess.

So what’s the plan now?

More waiting. We’re basically giving it another week to see if he arrives of his own accord, and then we’ll figure out what we’re doing then. read more

Maternity leave week 2: conquering some 52s and other tasks

Today I had my first moment of asking Mario what day it was. I can’t believe I’m already at that stage, and it’s only week 2!

Last week I spent most of the week running errands, and being silly. By the end of the week I had successfully:

  • Updated my driver’s license details
  • Updated my medicare details
  • Created an account with Centrelink
  • Linked my Centrelink account with MyGov (seriously, this was an achievement – it took two days)
  • Started my Parental Paid Leave Claim with Medicare
  • Updated my name with the bank

Towards the end of the week I took it a bit easier, but still felt like I was on the go most days.

This week, I’m trying to take it a bit easier and stay home.

Cleaning out the pantry

Ok, this wasn’t easy. It was nesting. But seriously, our pantry was killing me. I’m not a big fan of clutter, and I get so much satisfaction from a good ol’ fashioned clean out (read: throwing stuff out). My husband loves to keep things, which is a nice balance because it means I’ll never run out of things to do. Or throw out. read more

6 times a father can’t be “equal”

Today I read an article about a father who was threatened to have security called on him when he was using a parents room to change the nappy on his child. Thankfully, another mother in the room came to his defence and addressed the woman that was attacking him.

Understandably, this has caused a lot of outrage online. The woman who spoke up is part of one of my Facebook groups, and everyone was in agreement that she did the right thing.

I started the discussion on my own Facebook page, and it was a similar sentiment. Everyone agreed a parents room is for parents, whether that be Mum or Dad. In fact, one suggestion was that it should be renamed “Carer’s Room” so that anyone responsible for the care of a child could use the facilities. Great idea! read more

Saturday picnic in the hinterlands (a 52 in 52 task)

On this grey, dreary day my husband decided to humour me. I had requested that he prepare a lunch so that we could have picnic in the hinterland, then promptly forgotten all about it. It was a 52 in 52 that I wanted to achieve for weeks, and hadn’t yet had a chance. I thought today would have been a great chance for us to spend time together before the arrival of bub.

After making my request, I went out and caught up with some friends in a book club I’m part of. While I was out, Mario had messaged to let me know we had other friends coming over to visit, ones that we always struggle to find time to see. Once I got home, he explained he had told them we would only be home until midday, then we had to go out. read more