Dentist tomorrow (my worst nightmare)

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I’m just writing a quick post tonight as I need to do some foam rolling and yoga after this, then apply fake tan, and then bed. Phew. As an epilogue to my post last night about toilet training, this morning I gave my little guy a hug and apologised to him. I explained I made … Read more

I got mad about toilet training and feel like the worst mum in the world

I’m in a world of guilt tonight. My son pooped his pants twice today. I’m fine with that. we’ve been toilet training for months now and I’m used to it. My husband does the undie cleanup tho, I can’t handle that bit. What I couldn’t handle is my son squirming and getting cranky about sitting … Read more

Forgetting stuff and making stuff

Having a caravan has been amazing for camping. It’s so much easier to pack things since the majority of stuff lives in the van permanently now. However I still find that I forget things, even when the list of stuff to pack is small. Most recently I forgot Luca’s bed sheets (not a big deal … Read more

Binging The Office

I didn’t really know what to write about today, so I figured I’d talk about my newest obsession. I’m super late to the party but I’ve just recently discovered how awesome the TV show “The Office” is. I haven’t watched the UK one yet, but it’s on the list! If you haven’t seen it, it’s … Read more

I tortured myself and loved it

The heading is dramatic, but it’s true. This week I have brought myself to the point of yelling audibly in pain, then taking a deep breath, and doing it all over again. I wore marks of my abuse on my body, red marks on my legs and arms. And I friggin loved it. Ladies and … Read more