“The Letdown” is my new favourite Australian TV show

TV show on the ABC "The Letdown"

Now that I’m on maternity leave with bub, I’m doing some serious binge watching on the telly. Courtesy of netflix, chromecast and  of course breastfeeding, I’m spending some serious time on the couch in front of the box.

So far I’ve watched some amazing shows:

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (seriously, I love this humour) – comedy with Andy Samberg about a branch of the LAPD
  • Last Chance U – a documentary about a community college in the US that take in promising American Football players that have had some troubles (drugs, robbery, academic issues etc) and gives them a second chance.
  • Mindhunter – FBI agents interviewing serial killers as a means of building a psychological profile of future killers.
  • Countless documentaries on musicians – Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson etc

On my list I still have a lot of shows and documentaries to work through:

netflix list of shows to watch

However, there’s one show that I don’t think is getting talked about enough, and it’s a home-grown comedy screening on the ABC. read more

Luca letter: One month old already!

Dear Luca,

You’re one month old already – where the hell did that time go?!

I can’t believe it’s already time to write your letters. I plan on writing these each month for the first year of your life, then every year from then on when it’s your birthday. So let’s get under way.

Your sleeping patterns

Right now you’re sleeping an average of 3 hour overnight between feeds, so your father and I feel relatively well rested. We hear horror stories of parents that are up every hour, and we’ve not really had that yet. Touch wood. Please don’t do that to us, I love the way you’re going already. read more

October one second a day

This month was epic in the grand scheme of things – irreversibly changing my life.

It’s the month that we gave birth to our son.

Plus some other things of course, but they pale a bit in comparison. Needless to say the video quickly becomes full of images of our little man, as well as our hospital stay and eventual return home.

Other highlights from the month:

  • Celebrated 11 months of wedded bliss with my husband
  • I learned how to use the whipper snipper for the first time
  • Picnic in the hinterlands for a 52
  • The last few days of pregnancy were hard, I was exhausted
  • Going back to hospital 14 days after bub was born with excruciating rib pain (resolved on itself, many theories on what caused it)

I can’t promise you that November is just going to be full of photos of the baby…sorry.

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The vegemite furore: why my husband just lost his food cred

Vegemite on store shelves

Vegemite is an Australian cultural icon. Made from brewer’s yeast, spice and vegetable additives, it’s a disgusting blend that you either love or hate. It’s a rite of passage for foreigners to give it a go when they arrive on Australian shores. Aussies abroad crave it.

It’s irreplaceable. Nothing compares (not even marmite you cretins).

I have so many fond memories as a kid eating it. Does anyone remember the happy little vegemites ad? Let me refresh your memory.

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Breastfeeding is fucking hard (but so worth it)

Breastfeeding is hard

I’m three weeks into this parenting gig, and so far breastfeeding is the biggest thing that’s threatened to break me. We’ve been pretty blessed with a wonderful son:

  • He’s sleeping relatively well; we average 5 – 7 hours a night of broken sleep
  • His bowels are moving really well, and he farts like a trooper (I’ve become skilled at nappy changes)
  • No health issues to report on
  • Loves cuddles

Breastfeeding has totally caught me by surprise though. They said it was hard work, but I just never really grasped exactly how hard. As I write this I’ve just finished pumping some milk as we’re trying to build up a backup supply (for emergencies, top ups etc). I applied breastmilk to my nipples and let them air dry, then followed that with some Lansinoh cream (imagine the nipple equivalent of lip balm). read more