Dealing with mum guilt and feelings of selfishness/weakness

I’ve been having a rough trot lately, although to look at my Facebook you wouldn’t think so. From an outsider’s perspective it looks as though I’ve been living the dream.

  • Going to three Commonwealth Games events
  • One of those nights staying at the Gold Coast (aka baby-free night)
  • Dad picking up the solo duties

But as is usually the case, Facebook is not as it seems.

This post may feel like I’m trying to justify my nights away, but it’s not. I wrote this because I want to get my emotions out of my head, share how I’m feeling, process it and move on.

In a nut shell, I’ve been feeling like people will be judging me and considering me to be selfish and a poor mother. [...]  read more

First day at daycare…

I was thinking the other day about the term “when maternity leave ends”. Does that mean going back to work in any sense? Or part time? Or full time?

In my own mind, it means when I go back part time (at least longer than what I’m doing right now). At the moment I’m doing a measly 5hrs a week. Mum looks after the bub on Monday and Tuesday afternoons for a couple of hours each day, while I lock myself in my study and work. It’s not many hours, but it’s enough just to keep in touch with what’s going on and collect a little bit of coin. [...]  read more

March update for the 2018 52-in-52 list

I didn’t do as well as previous months this month in ticking off completed items – in fact I only completed 2 for the month. But I’ve made progress towards some of the bigger ticket items – the ones that need to be continuously worked on.

There’s 35 items remaining to go.

Let’s take a look.


Go camping

I haven’t had time to write a post on this yet, but we went camping with the little one and some friends. We had a great time, and can’t wait to go again! It was our first trip with our new camping trailer and uh, let’s just it was a toss up between being glad we were only gone for a night, and wishing we could stay longer. [...]  read more

2018 first quarter review (one second a day)

Banner image of one second every day video

Last year I started doing a month-by-month video capturing one second every day. I posted it every month, finally culminating in the 2017 year in review video.

It was so good I decided to do it again this year. I got some friends hooked in the meantime as well!

The difference is this year I’m only going to post them quarterly. It just means there’s more to watch in one hit, and it’s more interesting. Well, at least I think so anyway. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts. [...]  read more

52 reasons why I love my husband

You guys, I’m going to state the obvious here.

Babies change relationships.

To be clear, neither of us have any regrets and we’re absolutely in love. But right now our lives are dedicated towards Luca, and not enough towards each other. I’ve let the affection drop, and I need to get that back. We need to prioritise time for each other at the end of the day, and I need to make sure that he knows how much I love and adore him.

This 52 in 52 task couldn’t have come at a better time. The task was to “write a list of 52 reasons why I love and am grateful for my husband”. [...]  read more