Sunday round up – mileage and sugar hangover

This morning I woke up feeling like I was hungover. I’d gotten to bed at a decent’ish time (just after 10pm), but I placed the blame solely on having dessert last night. We had friends for dinner, and had apple pie with custard. Drew had also made some ice cream at home so I had … Read more

Zooming through lock down

Well, the bubble we’ve been living in for a little while now has burst, and COVID-19 is rearing its ugly head again. Life had almost felt a bit normal for a while there. Working in the office, Luca in daycare, shopping and social life etc. We have been so incredibly lucky to have a low … Read more

Why I’m crying about my Reddit Secret Santa story for 2020

I need to share a story about this craft project I worked on. I’m a member of a site called “Reddit”, referred to as “the front page of the internet”. It’s a site where people have conversations and share stories, images etc. Everything from the news to hobbies. Every year they do a thing called … Read more

Thankful Thursday

Every Thursday I’m going to share the bits and pieces from my gratitude diary for the previous week. I think this week, we need it more than ever. Just as we see footage coming out of America as they inch towards the end of Trump’s term, and domestic terrorists storming the Capitol, it’s nice to … Read more

52 in 52 – Get a referral from my doctor to see a therapist

Hello from a cafe in the Myer department store, where I’ve set myself up with the laptop to blog from somewhere different today. I mean, I’m on holidays, so why not? After this I’m headed to the gym and then I’ll head home again for the afternoon before doing some more craft stuff. I’ve had … Read more