Holidays are over – back to work

After a week off I’m back in the office this week. I had taken the week off after working some insane hours lately, with the goal of resting and doing some projects at home I’d been hanging out to do.

Well, unfortunately the week disappeared in a blur of mileage for my run club and chores. I don’t feel “rested” as such, but at least my brain is mentally rested from work, so there’s that. I did have some great times – I got out for a morning walk and coffee with a friend, and was able to pick up my son from daycare early and the family headed down to the beach for a play (even my pup was able to make it out with us).  [...]  read more

New toy for recording video

Before we went overseas one year we indulged in a gimbal for our phones – a stabiliser that meant we would be able to record super smooth video when walking. Great for travel videos. We had the smove, and it did what it needed to, although it had some things that bugged us a bit.

When we were on holidays though, my husband managed to break it while he was putting it in a bag. He forced it in, and ended up breaking some springs and pieces that aligned the button for controlling the gimbal, turning the phone left/right etc. When we got hone he fixed it to some degree, but it was never the same.
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Making progress (running)

I’m sitting here listening to the latest storm roll through (we’ve had a few lately), and my dog trying to act calm but getting nervous when the lightning flashes. She’s normally pretty chill during storms, so I don’t know if this is something to do with her getting older. She’s mostly ok, but when the lightning flashes she pops up looking around for me.

I’ve just finished my last few miles for the day, being another 24km total today. 6th day in a row, for another event for my run club. At the moment thanks to timezones I’m sitting at the top of the ladder. I suppose having something to do with hitting the max-miles limit would have something to do with it too. [...]  read more

Stuff I love lately

I’m on holidays this week – wahoo!! Today I celebrated by going to the gym, doing clothes washing, and starting very slowly on a project I’ve been trying to do for over a year. Fun!

I was thinking about what I wanted to blog today as well, and was hoping to start it earlier today, but somehow time got away from me. So instead I’m writing this post – a short but sweet one, and getting to the other one tomorrow.

Tonight I wanted to write about some stuff I’m loving lately!  [...]  read more

Glaravaning is a real thing

We’re staying at Big 4 at Sandstone Point, and it doesn’t feel right to call it camping. Sure, we’re in our caravan, but this is more like a resort stay with a side of hanging out in a caravan.

If glamping is mainstream now (glamorous camping), surely glaravnaning should be too?

For example, this is just the start of the facilities here:

  • Waterpark with slides
  • Two heated pools (one of them being a shallow one for toddlers)
  • Go kart hire (pedal powered)
  • Cocktails by the pool
  • Delivery from the bottle shop (seriously – they turn up on a golf buggy to drop it off)
  • Restaurant
  • Kids room
  • Games Room
  • Large lawn chess set
  • Croquet

I could go on and on and on. But this place is amazing.

This morning while everyone was sleeping I went and took some photos. During the day there are so many kids around that I just think it would be creepy. [...]  read more