Reading, watching, writing, listening (Jan ’21)

Today was a bit of a crafting day at home, as I was still resting my sore hip from the blow out yesterday. However, in the afternoon I went to the shops to catch up with some friends and we did an Escape Room! I seriously love escape rooms. I have always loved the video … Read more

Stuff I love lately

I’m on holidays this week – wahoo!! Today I celebrated by going to the gym, doing clothes washing, and starting very slowly on a project I’ve been trying to do for over a year. Fun! I was thinking about what I wanted to blog today as well, and was hoping to start it earlier today, … Read more

It’s all about poop

I’m in the middle of putting together a bigger post about how I feel about the challenge, but tonight didn’t really have time to do it, and didn’t want to be half-assed. So instead, I want to talk about poop. Is there such a thing as muscle memory for your butt? Does anyone else find … Read more

You know it’s cold on the Sunshine Coast when…

It’s cold right now, or in locals terms, F**KING FREEZING. Seriously, it’s under 20 degrees which means it may as well be snowing. In fact, it actually did snow in part of the state overnight! But that’s right at the bottom of the state, and inland – not coastal Queensland, and not anywhere near where … Read more

April update for the 2018 52-in-52 list

I had a cracker of a month when it comes to my 52 in 52! I started the month with 35 items remaining, and as it stands right now I only have 26. That’s 9 in one month, hells yeah! Let’s go through them. Join a mother’s group When I was pregnant my hubby and … Read more