You know it’s cold on the Sunshine Coast when…

It’s cold right now, or in locals terms, F**KING FREEZING. Seriously, it’s under 20 degrees which means it may as well be snowing. In fact, it actually did snow in part of the state overnight! But that’s right at the bottom of the state, and inland – not coastal Queensland, and not anywhere near where I am.

Right now it’s just under 13 degrees with an “feels like” temp of only 7 degrees. It’s going to be a cold morning for sure.

I’ve just gotten my son to bed, and decided that I’m going to bed too. As I write this I’ve helped myself to a hot chocolate, put the heater on to take the chill out of the air (I’m only going to run it for a few minutes) I’m in my flannel pjs and I’m under the doona. My hands are still cold but I’ll be cuddling my hot chocolate soon enough.

Today was the coldest day by far. We’ve been copping a cold snap recently, but today was bad (by our level anyway). It was really windy, and it was that wind chill that really made the difference. I went for a walk around the block today at lunch, and after a few minutes my hands were ice cold. I spent the rest of my walk with my hands in my pockets.

Anyway, thinking about how cold it was, I decided to write a list about it. Because I love lists, and….well, there wasn’t much thought beyond that. So enjoy, and feel free to add anything I’ve missed!

You know it’s cold on the coast when…

    It’s under 20 degrees Celsius (that’s all it takes to be cold here)
    That’s all we talk about.
    You greet people by saying “holy f**k it’s cold”
    Bogans wear jumpers with their flip flops (I actually saw this today…while I’m rugged up and wanting more clothes they’ve still got their feet exposed, what the??)
    Friends from interstate message to ask you if it’s snowing where you are because the weather has made the news
    You contemplate drinking red wine with dinner (and cursing yourself for driving to dinner because it means you can’t drink wine) purely because the alcohol will warm you up
    The new heater you brought for your office at work to counter the air con runs 24/7 when you’re in the office
    You wonder how many coffees it’s OK to drink during the day just so you can hold the coffee cup
    You borrow a mini cycle from your mother to cycle under the desk at work to warm up your legs (notice a trend here about my broken air con at work?)
    You contemplate eating a spicy meal for dinner (maybe paired with that red wine) just because it will make you hot and sweaty
    You can see your breath in the air, so instantly go back to your childhood instincts and pretend you’re smoking
    Wearing 3 layers of clothes suddenly doesn’t seem enough
    You walk funny, because your thermal pjs under your jeans make your jeans grab and feel super tight
    Red noses from the cold air are trendy
    You make your dog wear her jacket, which causes her to walk sideways in protest (but it’s hilarious, and she’s still wearing it in the morning, which is a huge indicator that it’s cold)

What other signs are there thats it’s cold?

Let me know your thoughts!