A story of video editing rage

You know that holiday video that I’m keen to share with you, that hasn’t made an appearance yet?

Yeah. That’s been real fun this week.

Let me share with you my pain.

Transferring phone > ipad

To apple’s credit this is super easy: highlight them, click send, send via airdrop.

I started to do this while we were on holidays so that I could edit the video a little bit at a time. Except when I selected them it seems I only sent half of them at the time, and when I went to try again the phone was in the bedroom acting as a baby monitor, and there was no way I was going to risk waking Luca up. [...]  read more

“The Letdown” is my new favourite Australian TV show

TV show on the ABC "The Letdown"

Now that I’m on maternity leave with bub, I’m doing some serious binge watching on the telly. Courtesy of netflix, chromecast and  of course breastfeeding, I’m spending some serious time on the couch in front of the box.

So far I’ve watched some amazing shows:

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (seriously, I love this humour) – comedy with Andy Samberg about a branch of the LAPD
  • Last Chance U – a documentary about a community college in the US that take in promising American Football players that have had some troubles (drugs, robbery, academic issues etc) and gives them a second chance.
  • Mindhunter – FBI agents interviewing serial killers as a means of building a psychological profile of future killers.
  • Countless documentaries on musicians – Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson etc
  •  [...]  read more

    Talking about murder on a school night

    Last night my friend, Ness, and I headed down to Brisbane to the Tivoli. The plan was to sit and listen to people talk about murder for a few hours, then come home. Sounds like an amazing night, right? Especially on a school night – look at us crazy party people!

    To put things into context, there’s an amazing podcast that Ness introduced me to a while back. It’s called “My Favourite Murder” (click here to subscribe to their podcast on your apple devices). It’s hosted by two women, and is a true crime comedy podcast. Essentially, without sounding weird, they talk about murders but react as they tell a story to each other, and come out with some hilarious lines.

    Some of the quotes they’re known for:

    • Stay sexy, don’t get murdered (this is their catch phrase they end each podcast with)
    • Get a job, buy your own shit, stay out of the forest
    • You’re in a cult, call your dad
    • Fuck politeness
    • Toxic masculinity ruins the party again

    If you’re into true crime I really strongly recommend checking it out.

    The tour

    The girls have been touring around in the US for a while, but finally decided to do an international tour. Australia and New Zealand being the destinations – lucky us! As soon as I heard they were coming, I just knew I had to go. Even though I’m over 34 weeks pregnant, I knew we’d be sitting down so I’d be fine (provided my water didn’t break of course haha).

    Ness and I left shortly after work, and drove the hour down the M1. While it mentioned 7pm on the tickets, they actually didn’t take to the stage until 8pm. That’s nearly bed time for me these days!

    When they came out it was like you were seeing a concert – lots of cheers and screams. They told us some stories about their flight over, and things that had happened in the short time they had been in the country. We were their first Australian show as well, which was exciting! They were extremely witty and hilarious, and I really enjoyed listening to the banter on stage.

    After this show, they’re off to New Zealand briefly before heading back down to the southern states in Australia. I had introduced my sister to the podcast, and she and her partner were going to be seeing the girls when they reached Sydney.

    The stories

    Karen was the first to get under way with her story, and covered Katherine Knight. What a way to start the tour with a bang! If you’re not familiar with  the story, Katherine is the first Australian woman to ever be imprisoned without the possibility of release. To get a bit gruesome here, and to directly quote Wikipedia, this is what she did to her partner (after all the other stuff she’d done mind you, which is an amazing story in itself):

    She stabbed him to death and then skinned him. She then put his skin on a meat hook, cooked his head and parts of his body, and placed them together with vegetables on plates with placecards with his children’s names.

    Yep, Katherine is pretty memorable! Karen had the crowd completely engaged. As she read the story, we all gasped in horror, or laughed at the tangents we went off on. It was an hour of gripping story telling.

    Following that, Georgia then went for a story that’s a little bit more local to me personally, that of school girl Sian Kingi. She was actually kidnapped and murdered on the Sunshine Coast, my home town. I was only a few years old at the time so have no recollection of it. It was back in the days when the area was still a bit of a coastal town, and so had those small town feels. If something didn’t feel write, you take note of it. Thank god someone had written the rego down of the car from the “strange man at the beach”. That’s how they tracked down Barrie Watts, and his partner, Valmae Beck. It was a very high profile murder on the Sunshine Coast, and there were a lot of people that were relieved when the two went to jail.

    The home town murder

    Finally, they covered a home town murder – a tradition at the live shows. There’s a regular episode on the podcast where readers write in with their own stories of home town murders and the girls read them out, so this was the live interpretation. They picked a member from the crowd who had written to them with their own local story. The girl they chose had a confusing story about a murder related to a Cat Society. It was hard to keep track of what was going on, but it was the banter on stage again that kept things interesting. To satisfy my curiosity I had to go and google the story this morning so I knew what it was actually about.  Props to the girls for choosing something different though, there’s a few popular crimes that I thought they may have gone with instead (Daniel Morcombe or the Bayden Clay murder).

    Following that, the night was over and it was time to go home.

    Overall it was an enjoyable night and I’m really glad I went. I’m not sure if they’ll be releasing a recording of this live show (they’ve shared live show podcasts in the past), so if they do I’ll be sure to update the post with a link. My final impression was that Karen’s story was amazing, Georgia’s felt a little rushed (maybe related to how much time was left). Yet I still feel it was worth the trip down.

    For her redeeming factor, Georgia had recounted an amazing Theresa Knorr story in the most recent podcast about , a woman who should have never been allowed children. It’s extremely gruesome so I recommend only listening to that one under warning. Georgia talks about the Cold Case episode as well, which you can watch on youtube if you’re interested (amazingly they even show crime scene photos with the bodies).

    If you haven’t listened to the podcast before and you enjoy True Crime then I highly recommend it. I’m excited to see if they do release recordings of their shows in Australia, and I can’t wait to hear what stories they covered when my sister goes to see them!

    Are there any home town murders that you know of that you would share if you were hosting a similar show? [...]  read more

    Time flies when you’re early to bed (+ meet Rosie my vacuum cleaner)

    It occurred to me today as I was making my way home that I really don’t get that much time to do things at night. Disclaimer – I don’t have kids so I really shouldn’t be complaining, and I’m not really, just making an observation.

    For example, tonight I was at home by 6pm. Mario had dinner on the table by 6.15pm, and by 7pm I was cleaning up. Then began the chores and the list of things to do. Tonight I have completely pulled apart Rosie, our amazing robot vacuum cleaner, and given her a thorough do-over in cleaning her bits (sounds a bit rude doesn’t it). I’m now about to update my budget and bills and see how I’m tracking for the month. By the time I’ve finished that it will be about 8pm. I get half an hour to do something, then I’m in bed by 8.30am. It’s really not that much is it? [...]  read more

    What I never leave home without (my running equipment)

    Garmin 920xt

    At my recent triathlon, I was lucky enough to score a free shirt from the Garmin exhibit, which read:

    If you see me collapse, someone pause my Garmin

    Sadly, that sums me up SO well. There are some things that when it comes to training, I just don’t leave home without.

    The shoes

    This is where a bit of money goes, but not the most (you’ll freak when you see the cost of my watch).

    I religiously lived for my old Nike Lunarglide, but they recently reached the point where I was blistering up again because they had reached point of death. It was time to move on.

    When I went to buy some new ones, the lady convinced me to try on these Asics GT 2000 3 (D). Admittedly they were incredibly comfortable and soft to walk in, but now that I’ve finished reading Born to Run, I’m wishing I’d try for one of the barefoot style shoes. I’m still thinking about going that way.

    My old Lunarglides never gave me any blisters when I started wearing them, and unfortunately I’m not having that same experience with the Asics. I’ll give them time however, I don’t want to drop all that money just for them to clog up space at home. Whatever shoes you opt to use, make sure that you’ve thought seriously about your aims, and got what’s best for you. Do not just go for something that looks good.

    Running clothes:

    Well, duh. Because otherwise I would be naked. I’m not your Lorna Jane princess though, as I still can’t really justify spending $80 on some shirt with a slogan designed to make me look sexy. When I’m running, there is nothing sexy about sweating and puffing. I’m not there to look good; I’m there to be comfortable and enjoy myself.

    Thus my usual running clothing consists of some comfortable shorts; I’ve become a bigger lover of some that Adidas make that go about halfway down my legs. No short shorts here, no one needs to see this flub flapping around! I want leg coverage so that I don’t have to worry about showing too much skin, and can focus on my form. [...]  read more