Binging The Office

I didn’t really know what to write about today, so I figured I’d talk about my newest obsession. I’m super late to the party but I’ve just recently discovered how awesome the TV show “The Office” is. I haven’t watched the UK one yet, but it’s on the list! If you haven’t seen it, it’s … Read more

New toy for recording video

Before we went overseas one year we indulged in a gimbal for our phones – a stabiliser that meant we would be able to record super smooth video when walking. Great for travel videos. We had the smove, and it did what it needed to, although it had some things that bugged us a bit. … Read more

A story of video editing rage

You know that holiday video that I’m keen to share with you, that hasn’t made an appearance yet? Yeah. That’s been real fun this week. Let me share with you my pain. Transferring phone > ipad To apple’s credit this is super easy: highlight them, click send, send via airdrop. I started to do this … Read more

“The Letdown” is my new favourite Australian TV show

TV show on the ABC "The Letdown"

Now that I’m on maternity leave with bub, I’m doing some serious binge watching on the telly. Courtesy of netflix, chromecast and  of course breastfeeding, I’m spending some serious time on the couch in front of the box. So far I’ve watched some amazing shows: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (seriously, I love this humour) – comedy with … Read more

Talking about murder on a school night

Last night my friend, Ness, and I headed down to Brisbane to the Tivoli. The plan was to sit and listen to people talk about murder for a few hours, then come home. Sounds like an amazing night, right? Especially on a school night – look at us crazy party people! To put things into context, there’s … Read more