“The Letdown” is my new favourite Australian TV show

TV show on the ABC "The Letdown"
netflix list of shows to watch

Now that I’m on maternity leave with bub, I’m doing some serious binge watching on the telly. Courtesy of netflix, chromecast and  of course breastfeeding, I’m spending some serious time on the couch in front of the box.

So far I’ve watched some amazing shows:

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (seriously, I love this humour) – comedy with Andy Samberg about a branch of the LAPD
  • Last Chance U – a documentary about a community college in the US that take in promising American Football players that have had some troubles (drugs, robbery, academic issues etc) and gives them a second chance.
  • Mindhunter – FBI agents interviewing serial killers as a means of building a psychological profile of future killers.
  • Countless documentaries on musicians – Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson etc

On my list I still have a lot of shows and documentaries to work through:

However, there’s one show that I don’t think is getting talked about enough, and it’s a home-grown comedy screening on the ABC. [...]  read more