10 things I’m doing right as a parent

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Yesterday I was talking about my recent blog posts with my sister, and how writing is an emotional outlet for me. However she raised an interesting point, and threw down a challenge:

Why don’t you write about the things you’re doing right?

Totally valid point. I’m only focused on the negatives and the things that I’m unsure of. When I write and reflect on how things are going, I don’t pat myself on the back for a job well done, or remind myself of the things I’m doing right. This is just as important (if not more so) as analysing the difficult times. read more

4 challenges in getting out and about with a baby

I can’t sit still.

I get cabin fever so quickly and easily; I’ve been that way ever since I can remember. Sure, I have days/nights where all I want to do is be at home – I’m just saying I can’t do many of those in a row.

I struggled with cabin fever when Luca was first born. There was a lot of other things that were overwhelming at the time as well, but more than anything I wanted to get out of the house. The C section meant that I couldn’t drive, couldn’t push a pram, or do anything really for quite a few weeks. read more

Weekly recap

I’ve not had much down time this week away from Luca that I could spend in front of the computer, hence the lack of posts. Right now we are in the car (Mario is driving), so I can write my weekly recap.

  • Saw the paediatrician on Monday for his 6 week appointment – all ticks of approval. It looks like he’s gaining between 200-300g a week, well above the required 150g. Not long and he’s going to have some substantial fat rolls! In a good way of course.
  • I’m focused on trying to get him some quality naps during the day. I’ve been working on recognising his sleep cues, which I think I’m getting better at. Now just to get better at actually settling him to sleep!
  • Thanks to some recommendations from friends I’m going to start trying white noise apps. The most success we’ve had getting him to sleep was when I held him while vacuuming, or when Mario was playing some music. Based on that it looks like noise is his friend, instead of a quiet room. The paediatrician said this week should be his worst week for sleep though, so hopefully it’s all up from here!
  • The little guy had his needles on Tuesday for his 6 weeks vaccination. He cried, but settled and fed straight away. The rest of the day he was quite drowsy, but back to normal by that evening. Champion!
  • He started smiling this week!! And I managed to catch it on camera after a not-so-great night

Last night was hard. Luca slept the usual amount of time but getting him down into his bassinet was difficult. He would wake and cry immediately. At one point I was so frustrated I woke hubby and asked him to do it. I was tired, hormonal and close to tears. From that point on whenever Luca woke to feed, I would feed him and hubby would put him down. At 4.30 I tried to put him down myself again, failed and asked the hubby. I fell asleep, and had no idea that hubby took Luca out into the living room to sleep. Hubby stayed awake holding him so that I could get some uninterrupted sleep, sacrificing his own at the same time. I felt horrible when I woke up, but grateful at the same time. He has to work today so it’s going to be a long day for him. But today….the smiles like this make the lack of sleep seem irrelevant. Luca’s finally cracking the smiles regularly, and every time it melts the heart of his father and I. Lack of sleep what now? I’ve forgotten already. #babiesofinstagram #lucamichaelangelo #6weeksold #babies #parenting #mumlife read more

Luca letter: One month old already!

Dear Luca,

You’re one month old already – where the hell did that time go?!

I can’t believe it’s already time to write your letters. I plan on writing these each month for the first year of your life, then every year from then on when it’s your birthday. So let’s get under way.

Your sleeping patterns

Right now you’re sleeping an average of 3 hour overnight between feeds, so your father and I feel relatively well rested. We hear horror stories of parents that are up every hour, and we’ve not really had that yet. Touch wood. Please don’t do that to us, I love the way you’re going already. read more

Breastfeeding is fucking hard (but so worth it)

Breastfeeding is hard

I’m three weeks into this parenting gig, and so far breastfeeding is the biggest thing that’s threatened to break me. We’ve been pretty blessed with a wonderful son:

  • He’s sleeping relatively well; we average 5 – 7 hours a night of broken sleep
  • His bowels are moving really well, and he farts like a trooper (I’ve become skilled at nappy changes)
  • No health issues to report on
  • Loves cuddles

Breastfeeding has totally caught me by surprise though. They said it was hard work, but I just never really grasped exactly how hard. As I write this I’ve just finished pumping some milk as we’re trying to build up a backup supply (for emergencies, top ups etc). I applied breastmilk to my nipples and let them air dry, then followed that with some Lansinoh cream (imagine the nipple equivalent of lip balm). read more