Rude questions you were afraid to ask before becoming a parent (Part 1)

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When I was pregnant, all I ever heard was “you will never be fully ready for parenting”. I read everything I could find; my brain was a parenting sponge soaking it all up. Then I gave birth, and 4 months down the track I reflected, and understood the sentiment. Nope, you can never be ready.

There was so much that I had experienced, and yet hadn’t seen a single article online.

So I wrote this post.

And then once I started I realised it would become several posts, because there was so much to include.I wanted to share¬†all the rude and offensive things, the gross things, and all the stuff I had wanted to ask but were too afraid to. [...]  read more

Luca letter: 4 months old


This has been a busy month this one! Not only with developments, but also just in activities. It’s been nonstop! Let’s get into it.

Your first holiday

This month you went on your first holiday down to the Gold Coast, which I wrote about here. You were such a good boy! You slept in your port-a-cot, and almost religiously napped every 2 hours. I daresay it was because you were pretty exhausted from being out and about a lot,  although you were back at the hotel for most of your naps.

 [...]  read more

Water familiarisation classes

This week I started water familiarisation classes with Luca, a fancy way for saying we get to jump into a swimming pool. The goal is to spend time in the water through fun and games so he feels safe and comfortable. That way it avoids him growing up with any fear of the water, and feels more confident when it comes time to learn to swim properly. The earlier he can learn the better, I don’t want to be one of those stories you hear on the news where the child has unfortunately drowned.

My mother had a drowning incident when she was young, so as a result she taught us to swim early on. I’ve always felt confident in the water, and was a lifesaver at one point in my life (disclaimer: I was definitely not a sprint swimmer so only just passed my bronze medallion, and never ended up having to perform a single rescue). I still enjoy swimming laps in the pool for fitness, and love visiting the beach, even if I don’t always go swimming. I love being around the water. [...]  read more

Luca letter: 3 months old

Luca Michaelangelo at 3 months old

3 months old…or 93 days, or 13 weeks and 1 day, or 2208 hours. It feels like we’ve felt nearly every single one of those hours. I’m sure I’ve been awake for at least 95% of them!

So, how was the last month for you, little man?

Your first Christmas

It was your first Christmas this year, and you were so cute! Nana O’Brien got you a cute little elf outfit, which you wore for your first ever photo with Santa. I gave you the nickname “Blobby Elf”, because when we handed you to Santa you turned into a blob. You stared in our direction, but were resistant to any attempts to make you smile. Secretly I was hoping you would cry, because the photo would have been hilarious. Instead you were gorgeous in a Blobby Elf sort of way. [...]  read more

Luca letter: Two months old

Dear Luca,

2 and a half months…I’m a little late in writing this one. But better late than never! I’ve had to change the layout of your monthly picture because you’ve gotten too big with the old one – you didn’t fit in the frame!

So, what’s been happening, you ask?

Your sleeping patterns

I jinxed it last month when I said you slept an average of 3 hours between feeds. After I posted that you dropped to 2 hours, and it got tough. We were still getting an average of 7 hours sleep overnight though, so it wasn’t all bad. [...]  read more