Luca letter: 10 months

Well, my boy. You’ve officially spent more time out than you did in. It feels like an eternity, while also feeling like it was just yesterday.

I think we’re finally entering the phase where I’m forgetting how tough it was in the beginning. The feeling of being locked to the couch, or constant attachment for feeding.

These days it’s a very different situation indeed!

Sand, sand everywhere!

We’ve started spending more time in the sand as the weather slowly, slowly gets a bit warmer. It started with daycare, and has grown to a full blown sandpit in the backyard (built by your father). You have your own kit, and love nothing more than to just dig in the sand and flick it everywhere. [...]  read more

Luca letter: 8 months

8 months. You’re officially 8 months old. At this point when you were 8 months in my belly I was starting to wind things down at work. I spent 2 weeks working from home, and then another 2 weeks waiting for arrival. I had a huge belly (I still have a belly: I’m working towards losing it but I’m not there yet).

So, what did you get up to this month?

The month of sickness

We had a horrid month for illness. I know this time will come again, and we will have some bad periods ahead. But nevertheless this was not a fun month, and I’m not in a hurry to repeat it.

Incident 1

It started when you had a fever. We used panadol to get it under control, but then you started throwing up, and got lethargic. It was the first time we had ever seen you like that, so we decided a trip to the hospital was in order. It was scary! I thought you were passing out in the car! When we arrived they ran some tests, and after a long time you were diagnosed with a virus and we took you home to ride it out.

Fun fact – trying to do a UTI test for a baby is bloody difficult. We pretty much took your nappy off and waited to try and catch your pee.

Incident 2

Just after you seemed to be getting better from the virus, one day you woke up with conjunctivitis. Your poor eyes were so red and looked so painful. I snapped this pic on day 1. You certainly didn’t enjoy us wiping your eyes down, but eventually you grew accustomed to the saline and put up with it. And after a few days it finally went away.

Incident 3…and 4….and 5….

After your virus I started to develop a cough. Which became a bad cough. And then became a chest infection. To top it off, I also copped an ear infection then too. I was feeling pretty terrible, but marching on and trying to get on with it despite coughing constantly and going deaf in one ear. At one point I went to work and lasted an hour before going home.

And then it ramped up a notch.

We copped gastro.

You can read more about it here, but to recap:

  • Thursday: diagnosed with chest infection
  • Saturday: diagnosed with ear infection
  • Monday: gastro, hospitalised for dehydration

It sucked. But we got through it, and touch wood we all stay health for a little bit. We’ve had a rough run.


Clicking your tongue

One day you were pulling faces at Aunty Amy when she clicked her tongue at you. Suddenly you started doing it back! It was like you’d been doing it for days, and when I pointed it out to Amy that it was your first time she was surprised. You carried on with it for a few days, but you haven’t been interested in it ever since then.


It doesn’t count as a skill as such, but you have teeth! Two bottom teeth and one top tooth so far. Your next top one is pushing really hard though.

Overall you’ve been pretty good with teething. Only recently have you had a few grizzly days, you poor thing. We’ve kept panadol and nurofen on rotation to try and take you out of your misery as much as possible. Otherwise it’s just a matter of letting you chew on things: oddly enough you don’t care for your teething toys.

New foods

You’ve been trying a few new foods this month, including:

  • Peanut butter
  • Steak
  • Porridge
  • Watermelon (you were finally happy to suck and eat it out of the feeder)

You absolutely loved the steak, but weren’t too fussed with porridge.

Other things

Fun at daycare

You have been having a wonderful time at daycare this month! You got to meet a bird one day even. You absolutely adore the girls there, and every morning you greet everyone with a smile.

I was thrilled to find out they do school photos at daycare; my first school photo of you! As luck would have it, the day we got discharged from hospital was the day of the photo shoot. We had come home, and because you were totally unaffected we decided to drop you off (so I could rest and clean the house from top to bottom).

I had totally forgotten that it was photo day, so just sent in you in a random assortment of clothing – nothing special. When I arrived they reminded me, so in a panic I found that we had your snoopy shirt in the backpack as spare clothes and changed you into that.

Apparently when the photographer arrived, you were all smiley again. But as soon as the camera was raised, you stared the camera down. No smiley faces here! Hence we got the following photo:

I love it. There’s absolutely nothing better than a hilarious photo with a story. I much prefer that to a perfect, smiling pose!

Other highlights:

  • Your first state of origin (with a cute little hoodie to match)
  • Sitting up in the trolley at the grocery stores now
  • Playing on the lawn with missy
  •  [...]  read more

    Luca letter: 6 months old

    Swim class with baby's head under water

    I’m a broken record, I know, but I’m seriously stunned every time another month rolls around and it’s time for the next letter. It’s taken me so long to write this one that the next one is due in only 2 weeks!

    Things are progressing…

    You’re continuing to progress in some skills that you’ve already developed. For example:

    Swimming class

    This month you moved into an official “paid” swimming class instead of the free ones for babies up to 6 months. And within the first two sessions you’d already had your head underwater – very impressive!

    Sitting up

    You’re nearly there. At the moment you’re able to balance yourself for a little bit before falling to the side. If I sit with you with my legs on either side you always rest a hand on my leg, just for reassurance. But you’ve mostly got this, you’ve just got to have faith in yourself.

    No crawling yet – you’re still up on your hands and knees and rocking, but it’s like you haven’t worked out the coordination yet. That doesn’t mean you’re not mobile though! You’ve worked out that if you want to get somewhere it’s a matter of rolling and a bit of break dancing i.e. laying on your back and using your legs to push yourself around in a circle. Before I took this photo you were originally beside me, then bam – across the room you go!

    Your third cold

    Another nasty one, with lots of nose sucking going on so we can keep your airways clear. This time I caught it too and it was tough. I had to ask your father to come home from work one day, and as soon as he arrived I handed you over and went straight to bed. I slept for 3 hours straight. Apparently he came in a few times to try and wake me up and I was out of it, so I must have needed it!

    As for you, there were a few hairy nights when your father really worried about your breathing. Thankfully you managed to get through OK.

    And some new things…

    Started at daycare

    You started at  daycare in preparation for my return back to work next month. It went as well as could be expected. You love your teachers, and when you were away for a couple of days, on your return you gave them a huge smile and actually leaned towards them for a cuddle.

    The first day I dropped you off I went back to the car and bawled my eyes out. I felt so selfish returning back to work, but I knew it needed to be done. Financially, your father and I always want to make sure that you’re taken care of (don’t think that means you won’t have to earn your own way some time in the future). It also means you get some socialisation and exposure to toys and equipment we don’t have at home.

    You’ve had a few issues with feeding, mainly refusing the bottle a few times for them. It’s your way of rebelling a little bit, you’re not happy about the fact that I’m not there to feed you. But alas, little man, soon you won’t need me in that way at all! Since last month you’ve been eating solids and enjoy them so the teachers at daycare know they can serve that up to you. You still have milk from me, and occasionally the bottle from dad, but not so much for your teachers. They’ve also had to feed you from a syringe a couple of times. But we’ll crack you!

    First camping trip

    We took you on your first ever camping trip this month – it was fantastic! You did so well, and we got some amazing photos of you. The only thing we’ll need to change in the future is what you wear to work. I think you were a bit cold so you struggled with sleep a little, but after we rugged you up more you passed out for a good stretch of sleep.

    I can’t wait until you’re a bit older. Hopefully you’ll enjoy camping as much as we do!

    More hair

    You’ve been bald-looking for so many months, and finally you’re starting to get some more hair. It’s a dark blonde colour, so there’s a good chance you’ve got the same colour hair that I do. It could turn brown still to match your fathers, so we’ll see. But we’re thrilled to see it starting to thicken up.

    Discovering gravity

    One of your favourite games to play at the moment is dropping things onto the ground. You’ve discovered gravity. It’s fun for you when you’re sitting in your high chair to pick something up, lean over to the side, hand the object out as far as you can and then drop it. Rinse and repeat with whatever else is on your high chair. It drives us nuts having to pick up so many things, but it really is fun to see. After all, how are you ever going to learn about this stuff if you don’t try it for yourself?

    Pulling hair

    One day I bent down to pick up a fresh nappy and a new outfit for you out of your change table/drawers. Suddenly I felt this tug at my head, and I was stuck!

    It seemed you had suddenly learned that you could pull our hair. Hard.

    Thankfully you’re also learning that “ta” means to let go or hand over whatever you have in your hands, so it’s getting easier to get you to release when you pull our hair (or chains, or glasses off our faces). But there have certainly been some painful moments!

    First night without me

    I had a night away this month when I went to visit the Commonwealth Games! We had prepared hard, testing you with formula and the bottle and you were doing really well. Then when I was gone, you suddenly started to refuse the bottle. Your poor father and Nonna were so worried, and managed to get you to feed by syringe. I returned the following morning to feed you, and you fed great for me, but you certainly didn’t make it easy on them! As for me, well, I didn’t have a great sleep while I was away because all I could think about was you!

    The following weekend I went to the closing ceremony, which is when you developed the cold. Your poor father again was so worried and stressed. I came home, fed you, pumped and managed to get to bed for 2.5 hours of sleep. That was a rough night.

    Sleeping patterns

    Still not great. We’re still struggling.

    For now, you’re still up at least 3 – 4 times a night, and 30min cat naps during the day. I’m at the point where I’m going to start a sleep program with you and see how that pans out.


    You’re weighing in at approximately 8.6kg – growing quickly bubba! Based on that you’re in the 85th percentile, so you’re going strong!

    Family update

    We’re doing well! After nearly 7 months off it’s time for me to prepare to head back to work 2 days a week, hence the start at daycare. I’m a bit excited to get back into doing some work, but I’m also sad too – I’m going to miss you! I spend every day with you, and it’s like I’m missing a limb when you’re not there. I know it’s for the best though, as it means you develop new friends and have some social interaction. For me it means that I can be mentally stimulated, and financially we’re better off. So it makes sense. If I could wave a magic wand though we’d be doing something very different.

    Your dad is doing really well too. He’s still charging around doing a lot, working a lot doing things around the house like maintaining the yard and cooking dinner for me (and I guess you too, eventually, since it comes through the milk). He’s still playing indoor soccer and working on his projects as well. It’s very rare to see him sit still.

    Other than that there’s not too much going on.

    Your grandparents are all well. Your nana is preparing to head overseas for 6 weeks, so by the time she gets back you’ll be 8 months old! Crazy!

    We’re also finally starting to make preparations for your baptism, which will be exciting. I had hopes of you wearing your father’s baptismal gown, but given your size there’s a high chance you’re not going to fit. So I guess in that case we’ll look for something else.

    Anyway that’s about it for this month, so I’ll leave you with some other cute photos of you. Until next month!

    Luca letter: 4 months old


    This has been a busy month this one! Not only with developments, but also just in activities. It’s been nonstop! Let’s get into it.

    Your first holiday

    This month you went on your first holiday down to the Gold Coast, which I wrote about here. You were such a good boy! You slept in your port-a-cot, and almost religiously napped every 2 hours. I daresay it was because you were pretty exhausted from being out and about a lot,  although you were back at the hotel for most of your naps.


    On the holiday you got to feel sand for the first time, and your expression was priceless! It was a mix of confusion and curiosity. Your toes are so long, and you were digging them into the sand, feeling the grittiness. We had to do a bit of work to get all of the sand out later!

    Here’s a few pictures from your adventures at Surfer’s Paradise:


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    Swimming classes

    Speaking of the water, you’ve started swimming classes. You’re doing really well for the most part, the teacher has been very impressed. The one time she used you for a demonstration, you wriggled around on her! Instead she used you as an example for persistence, how if you keep trying the baby will settle down and eventually float around as intended. I think you have FOMO, a Fear of Missing Out. You were only wriggling because you want to see everything, and on the roof there were patterns of fish.

    (Later in another class she used you for a demo again, and this time you were perfect.)


    I’ve been really lucky about how chilled out you are in the water. You’re happy to float around with me, and you smile when we sing songs together. I’m hoping you develop a strong love for the water. If you’re keen, I’ve even got some wonderful kite surfing teachers that can show you a thing or two when you’re ready!

    On top of the weekly classes, we’ve taken you swimming a few times by ourselves. Each time you seem to really enjoy yourself. This photo we’ll blame on dad’s timing, because neither of us look like we’re ready!


    Your aunts, Amy and Claire, have finally had their pool installed and you’ve had a few swims in there so far. The first time you only lasted 10mins before you were hungry, then you passed out straight after. I’ve made a mental note of that for the days when I need to wear you out.


    Rolling from your back to your tummy

    This month you rolled from your back to your tummy! Now you’re so quick at it that you flip over a few split seconds after I lay you down on the floor on your back. It’s great, and we’re very proud of you, but geez has it made changing you that much harder.


    I used to have a trick so that I could easily have a shower every day. I’d put you on your play mat, and you’d happily lay there for 5 – 10mins kicking the buttons and batting at the hanging toys. You played, and I showered. Now that you’re rolling? Forget about it! Back to the drawing board.

    Taking the dummy

    You took the dummy!! I can’t tell you how much of a lifesaver this has been on the odd occasion.

    The first time you took it you were absolutely exhausted but refused anything and everything. It’s was a first time for me too – it’s the first time (and only time so far) I actually cried out of feeling helpless! Out of desperation I offered you the dummy, you took it, a few sucks later and you’d passed out – you were so tired and just needed that comfort suck. To which I then cried again, but this time out of relief.

    Since then you’ve been happy to take it on occasion. We don’t give it to you all the time, purely because you don’t need it. Mainly when you’re tired, want to suck but don’t want milk. In the past week you’ve maybe had the dummy twice? It’s pretty rare but still great that you’ll take it.

    Regarding the picture below, check out the mighty scratch you’d given yourself on your forehead and just under your eye. We’ve had to be diligent with your nails because you’re great at scratching yourself!


    Moved to your own room

    This was a sad day….well, for me at least. Now that you can roll you frequently roll over in your sleep – that’s how easy it is for you. The problem was that when you were sleeping in your bassinet you’d hit the side, wake up and cry. I don’t blame you – you were half on the side and half on the bottom, on this weird precarious diagonal angle. It wouldn’t have been comfortable!

    Since we moved you to your room you’ve had more space. You’re rolling in your sleep still, but because you have the room to roll onto your tummy you get comfy and fall asleep again. You actually seem more happy in that position! And don’t worry, I’ve been checking on you so that I’m confident you can breathe when you’re on your tummy. You have a lot of strength, so if you need to lift your head, you do. But if you need me it’s just one call and I’m there. I’ll probably get in trouble for that, and I know eventually we’ll teach you to self settle, but right now I want you to know you’re safe.

    For the first week you were in your cot we slept in the spare bedroom right next to yours. I wanted to know that if the baby monitor didn’t work for any reason I would hear you. I had to get used to relying on the monitor. It was just as much of a learning exercise for me as it was for you.


    We’re comfortable with you sleeping in your cot now though. You’re still waking up several times a night for a feed, but you haven’t had any super horrific nights at all. Having you in the cot means the nursing chair is right there though, so I’m able to use it at night. It’s a lifesaver! While you’re feeding I can recline back if I need to, instead of trying to feed you in my bed. Your dad is sleeping better than ever…I’m jealous 🙂

    First cold

    I’m not entirely sure if you caught a cold, or if it’s a symptom of teething (you’re showing other signs of that right now too). Randomly one day you woke up and had a runny nose.

    Now, when you read this you’re going to be older, and you’ll understand the gravity of this statement.

    I had to suck the snot out of your nose.

    I know, puke worthy right? But daaaaaaaaang it was effective! We used a thing called a “nose frida”. Essentially it’s a hose connected to a compartment. The hose has a mouth piece at the end, and the compartment has a tapered end. In between the hose and the compartment is a filter. We put the tapered end in your nose, the mouth piece in our mouths, and suck. Snot comes into the compartment, you want to beat us up and we’re feeling like vomiting. Hooray!

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    The first time I tried it you gave me this wide eyed look of “what the hell did you just do?!” From that point on you developed the ninja skills of knocking our hands away whenever we tried to do it again. I developed the ninja skills of pinning a baby down. It was gross, but I started to feel proud whenever a good amount of snot made it into the device.

    For the rest of it, you were a little champion. You didn’t seem bothered in the least. You still slept well, although one night you struggled a little with breathing, but once in daddy’s arms you settled. After a few days you were over it and you were back to normal. I know it will get a lot harder than this in the future, but for now that was pretty smooth.

    Sleeping patterns

    So remember how last month I thought I jinxed it? Yeah, I jinxed it. Whether it’s to do with the latest leap that you’re in, or the sleep regression, or just in general, there’s been some exhausting nights.

    As it is, you’re still averaging about 8 hours overnight, and 30min cat naps every couple of hours during the day. You’re still up by 5am in the morning too. Definitely an early bird like your parents.


    Just over a week and a half ago you were weighed in at 7.5kg, 1kg since last month. You’re growing big fast! The swim teacher has to keep reminding herself how old you are, because you’re so long and look older than you are.

    It’s getting harder to lift you up, but on the bright side I’m going to get a pretty amazing back and arms from holding you! And besides, once you learn to crawl and walk I’m pretty sure you’re going to drop some baby weight. I’ll drop some baby weight too from chasing you around!


  • Banging things: you love to sit in the high chair and bang away at things on the table. Or throw them off the table altogether, and wait for us to pick them up!
  • Putting our hands in your mouth
  • You’re starting to use the little activity centres with buttons etc on the rolling car your Aunty Nat gave you
  • React to yourself in the mirror – so funny! You clearly think you’re the hottest thing on the planet, because you see yourself and smile
  • Responding to your name – you’ve started to look when we call your name, although not all the time. You’re getting better tho!
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