Last day in the office (and they gave me boobies)

Well, that’s that; I’ve officially finished up in the office for the next 7.5 months. I’ve got another 2 weeks of working from home, before finally taking 2 weeks off before baby’s due date. it will be the longest break I’ve ever had from work since starting full-time work at aged 18.

This week the girls in the office threw me a baby shower, which was really lovely of them! They had asked me what we wanted in the way of gifts, which as you may remember from my baby shower weekend always makes me feel uncomfortable.  I just don’t like that people feel like they have to give us anything. read more

Baby shower weekend

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! It was a very baby-filled weekend, surrounded by amazing friends and family. Friday and Saturday nights were both average sleeps, but thankfully last night I passed out pretty solidly. As I write this on Monday morning, I’m feeling pretty good again.

Recap of my baby shower

I’m kicking myself for not taking any photos, but I blame that on just enjoying myself instead. I’ve stolen some from the hubby and a friend to show you just how amazing it was.

My amazing family organised a baby shower for me, in which our baby boy and I were completely spoiled. There was so much food, and we were gifted so many presents! read more

Finally caught on camera: baby alien in my stomach

Last night I laid down to sleep and instantly was overcome with heart burn. Then felt a thump. Followed by another one. And another one. Next minute my stomach and ribs had turned into the cage of a UFC training ground.

I have been trying to catch him on camera for a while, but he has an uncanny sixth sense. As soon as there’s a camera on my belly there’s radio silence. Maybe I need to set up a surveillance camera so I can get to sleep on nights like this?

He pummelled me for about 20mins solid before I was finally able to breathe properly. My ribs copped it! But still, I would prefer this to no movement, so bring it on little man! read more