Luca Letter: 11 months

It was another action packed month for you this month! Not only that but plans are officially under way for your first birthday party, which is actually quite overwhelming. How is it nearly 12 months ago that you made your way into this world to bless us? Updates for the month Your hair Your hair … Read more

Luca letter: 8 months

8 months. You’re officially 8 months old. At this point when you were 8 months in my belly I was starting to wind things down at work. I spent 2 weeks working from home, and then another 2 weeks waiting for arrival. I had a huge belly (I still have a belly: I’m working towards … Read more

Luca letter: 6 months old

I’m a broken record, I know, but I’m seriously stunned every time another month rolls around and it’s time for the next letter. It’s taken me so long to write this one that the next one is due in only 2 weeks! Things are progressing… You’re continuing to progress in some skills that you’ve already … Read more

Dealing with mum guilt and feelings of selfishness/weakness

I’ve been having a rough trot lately, although to look at my Facebook you wouldn’t think so. From an outsider’s perspective it looks as though I’ve been living the dream. Going to three Commonwealth Games events One of those nights staying at the Gold Coast (aka baby-free night) Dad picking up the solo duties But … Read more

Luca letter: 5 months old

baby 5 months old photo

5 months. Officially over half the amount of time you were in my belly. Those 5 months felt like a long time. These 5 months feel like they’ve gone by in a flash. Let’s take a look at what happened in the past month. First time eating solids It’s the first time something other than … Read more