Luca Letter: 11 months

It was another action packed month for you this month! Not only that but plans are officially under way for your first birthday party, which is actually quite overwhelming. How is it nearly 12 months ago that you made your way into this world to bless us?

Updates for the month

Your hair

Your hair has really started to grow now. You’ve got my blonde hair, which I’m a little bit chuffed about. I feel for you though, if you have the same thickness as me then you’re doomed to an eternity of frequent haircuts. Although, let’s be honest, guys have it way easier than girls in that aspect.

Instead of some fuzz you’ve actually got longer bits coming through – actual noticeable strands. I’ve been told we’re not allowed to cut your hair before your first birthday though. It’s your nana’s fault – she’s bought into all the old wive’s tales. But to be safe….let’s just not cut it anyway.

More words

You’re saying more words now, which is really cool. You use Mum and Dad a lot, sometimes without context.

You love to point at things and say a word, which I’m guessing you’re trying to say “that” but it comes out like “dad”. It’s incredibly cute and all, but super embarrasing when we’re out and about. Case in point: at the doctor’s surgery, you pointed at an elderly lady and said “Dad”. She looked horrified, which given that you had not only just indicated that she was a man but that she and I had taken certain “liberties” together, I don’t blame her. I was pretty stunned myself!

One of your other new words is “nein”. Now, I’m not sure where you’ve been picking up the German language but I’m hoping it’s not from the war documentaries your dad plays on the telly. That would be super awkward. But when you yelled it out at one of your swimming classes your teacher and I had a bit of a giggle.

One day I’ll definitely teach you about context and when it’s appropriate to use certain words.

Trip to Stanthorpe

This month we also went away for a couple of days to Stanthorpe, wine country out in whoop whoop. It’s where your Nonno’s family were based when they first moved to Australia from Italy. It’s a beautiful place, and no doubt you’ll be quite familiar with it as you grow older – the family visits there a lot.

We went out there with your Nonno and Nonna, Zia Natalie and Zio Thinh, and cousin Charlotte. The house we had rented was a lovely old thing, with fireplaces and a nice view out the back (we even spotted kangaroos out there in the dusk).

Over the weekend we took you to a petting zoo where you got to see some animals (and I got freaked out by a snake just chilling in the sun), and to try some ice cream at the Bramble Patch. Fun fact – your dad’s record for ice cream there is four ice creams (possibly 5, he’s not sure). To say he loves the ice cream there is an understatement. Your facial when first trying it was quite funny, it was a bit cold, but then you went back for more!

The whole weekend it was so cold! There was even ice outside! I kept hoping and praying that it would snow but alas it didn’t come. Once day I’ll get to play in the snow! But for now I’ll have to appreciate the frozen water and the dusting of ice everywhere – it was still incredibly pretty.

Bike Trailer

We’re officially one of “those” families now – we have a bike trailer! We purchased one of the trailers on special at Aldi so that we can all go for bike rides together, which is awesome. I’ve got grand visions of riding to the beach, having a picnic and playing in the sand and then riding home again. We’ll see how that works out for me, it may be wishful thinking *grin*

You were a bit confused when you first went for a ride in it, and all you wanted to do was get the helmet off. Since then we’ve been a few times, mainly to daycare and back to drop you off. You seem to enjoy it, and you’ve fallen asleep in it a few times. I just worry about the angle your head is at when you do, so we’re going to see if we can rig up something or get a pillow. No doubt your dad will come up with some interesting device.


So you’re officially over the 11kg mark. 11.3kg in fact, which is incredible.

I remember before you were born if I held another baby I would be mystified by how mothers could hold their babies for so long. They were so heavy! Then suddenly I realised you were 11 months old and I was holding you with one arm doing things around the house. I guess the strength just crept up on me. As you got older and heavier and I got more used to holding you.

That’s not to say my arms don’t get sore – they do. But I keep getting reminded from friends that I should cherish the cuddles now while I can – soon you’ll be walking, and you won’t want us to hold you at all.

Other updates

Not too much to report really! The preparations are underway for your birthday next month, I can’t believe you’re going to be a 1 year old!

Until then little man…

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  1. I had a thought for you. Something which I did for a year.
    Each night write something on a post it note & stick in a jar. Can be anything. What the day was like, if Luca did or said anything funny.
    At the end of the year pull it out & read


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