I got mad about toilet training and feel like the worst mum in the world

I’m in a world of guilt tonight. My son pooped his pants twice today. I’m fine with that. we’ve been toilet training for months now and I’m used to it. My husband does the undie cleanup tho, I can’t handle that bit. What I couldn’t handle is my son squirming and getting cranky about sitting … Read more

I’m a selfish mum, and I’m proud of it

A long time ago a friend pointed out how I described myself on social media and my blog. I had described my role to other people before my own identity came through. For example a wife, and mother, and then me. I didn’t come first. It was quite eye opening. Given that my blog is … Read more

Solo parenting for the weekend

I’m very lucky to have a husband that’s quite hands on with our child, and I try not to take that for granted. On one hand it means that I’ve probably had quite the easy ride compared to some mothers. On the other it has some drawbacks in a “too many chefs in the kitchen” … Read more

The night time party battle

Every night after the baby goes to sleep a battle rages within myself. I become giddy. I have two hands free and the time is my own. There’s so much I can do, and yet I don’t know where to start. So many choices, so little time. Most times, due to sheer indecision, I end … Read more

Dealing with mum guilt and feelings of selfishness/weakness

I’ve been having a rough trot lately, although to look at my Facebook you wouldn’t think so. From an outsider’s perspective it looks as though I’ve been living the dream. Going to three Commonwealth Games events One of those nights staying at the Gold Coast (aka baby-free night) Dad picking up the solo duties But … Read more