I got mad about toilet training and feel like the worst mum in the world

I’m in a world of guilt tonight. My son pooped his pants twice today. I’m fine with that. we’ve been toilet training for months now and I’m used to it. My husband does the undie cleanup tho, I can’t handle that bit. What I couldn’t handle is my son squirming and getting cranky about sitting … Read more

52 reasons why I love my husband

You guys, I’m going to state the obvious here. Babies change relationships. To be clear, neither of us have any regrets and we’re absolutely in love. But right now our lives are dedicated towards Luca, and not enough towards each other. I’ve let the affection drop, and I need to get that back. We need … Read more

A weekend reconnecting with my husband

husband and baby on the beach

For a little while now, I’ve been feeling like I’m the world’s grumpiest woman. There was not one particular thing that would set me off, it was like everything and anything. My husband could just breathe the wrong way and I’d be annoyed. It must have been hell to live with me. The thing is, I know … Read more

52 in 52: do something special to celebrate our first wedding anniversary

On Saturday we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, quite a milestone for any couple. When I look back at what we’ve accomplished together in the past year, its quite a lot (with the help of friends and family too). Travelled overseas to Japan (our honeymoon) Bought a house Renovated the house (walls and floors, completely … Read more

I support same sex marriage and here’s why

gay wedding shoes

The Australian government has decided that we have to have a postal vote so they can gauge the public's opinion on same sex marriage. Which, to be honest, in the back of my mind is the opinion that this is just a time and money-wasting exercise so they can just do jack shit about it. … Read more