Luca letter: One month old already!

Dear Luca,

You’re one month old already – where the hell did that time go?!

I can’t believe it’s already time to write your letters. I plan on writing these each month for the first year of your life, then every year from then on when it’s your birthday. So let’s get under way.

Your sleeping patterns

Right now you’re sleeping an average of 3 hour overnight between feeds, so your father and I feel relatively well rested. We hear horror stories of parents that are up every hour, and we’ve not really had that yet. Touch wood. Please don’t do that to us, I love the way you’re going already. [...]  read more

52 in 52: do something special to celebrate our first wedding anniversary

On Saturday we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, quite a milestone for any couple. When I look back at what we’ve accomplished together in the past year, its quite a lot (with the help of friends and family too).

When we fell pregnant and calculated the due date we realised that we would have a newborn on our first anniversary. That limited our options somewhat, in that weekends away or camping were out of the picture (I’m sure they’re possible for some people, but not something we wanted to do). We would be staying home, but we wanted to make it special nonetheless. [...]  read more