April update for the 2018 52-in-52 list

I had a cracker of a month when it comes to my 52 in 52! I started the month with 35 items remaining, and as it stands right now I only have 26. That’s 9 in one month, hells yeah!

Let’s go through them.

Join a mother’s group

When I was pregnant my hubby and I did an antenatal class to prepare ourselves for the birth. After that, all of the girls in the class stayed in touch. We were all first time mothers, and it was helpful to chat with others going through the same process.

Well, just recently we’ve gone from more of an online discussion group with the odd catch up to becoming more of a mother’s group., starting with organised a fortnightly catch up taking turns hosting at our houses. The babies play, the mother’s debrief, and we all enjoy ourselves. [...]  read more

A weekend reconnecting with my husband

husband and baby on the beach

For a little while now, I’ve been feeling like I’m the world’s grumpiest woman. There was not one particular thing that would set me off, it was like everything and anything. My husband could just breathe the wrong way and I’d be annoyed. It must have been hell to live with me.

The thing is, I know there’s logical reasons behind it, like hormones and the lack of sleep. That said, I wouldn’t want to be around me if I had a choice!

Thankfully my husband is incredible, even if he does breathe wrong from time-to-time. [...]  read more

The vegemite furore: why my husband just lost his food cred

Vegemite on store shelves

Vegemite is an Australian cultural icon. Made from brewer’s yeast, spice and vegetable additives, it’s a disgusting blend that you either love or hate. It’s a rite of passage for foreigners to give it a go when they arrive on Australian shores. Aussies abroad crave it.

It’s irreplaceable. Nothing compares (not even marmite you cretins).

I have so many fond memories as a kid eating it. Does anyone remember the happy little vegemites ad? Let me refresh your memory.

 [...]  read more

Nice things I love since having a baby

Nice things I love since giving birth

Yesterday  I wrote about gross things I now love since giving birth, which as you can tell by the title, discusses some pretty gross things. In order to not scare anyone off child birth, I wanted to share some of the nice things I love since having a baby. After all, it’s not all bad! Let’s just not talk about the whole “going into labour” thing – otherwise I will scare people off.

Let’s get into the good stuff.

Developing a whole new love for my husband

I was pretty loved up before we had a child, but this just took it to a new level. When my hormones were raging, I cried over how much I loved him. Looking at our wedding photo made me break down. The thing is that it’s not just that my heart melts when I watch him holding our child. It’s more than that. [...]  read more

The day Kelsbells did the shopping

Coles supermarket

Photo credit: Darren.notley

I think it's common knowledge that I don't enjoy cooking, or anything to do with the kitchen. I have the capabilities of providing myself with nourishment so that I don't die, but to make anything particularly flavoursome requires a mix of the following:

  • A momentary streak of insanity
  • A nice large bottle of wine
  • People that I need to try and impress
  • A recipe intended for dummies

Needless to say, those ingredients are quite rare, and so is my foreray into the culinary world

This morning, Mario had been summoned by my father for some assistance for the garden at my mum's house. That meant that I would be left to do the grocery shopping, since this afternoon Mario needed to get some cooking done (he bakes batches of cookies for our workplaces), and we're scheduled in to participate in a charity boot camp at the beach.  [...]  read more