The day Kelsbells did the shopping

Coles supermarket

Photo credit: Darren.notley

I think it's common knowledge that I don't enjoy cooking, or anything to do with the kitchen. I have the capabilities of providing myself with nourishment so that I don't die, but to make anything particularly flavoursome requires a mix of the following:

  • A momentary streak of insanity
  • A nice large bottle of wine
  • People that I need to try and impress
  • A recipe intended for dummies

Needless to say, those ingredients are quite rare, and so is my foreray into the culinary world

This morning, Mario had been summoned by my father for some assistance for the garden at my mum's house. That meant that I would be left to do the grocery shopping, since this afternoon Mario needed to get some cooking done (he bakes batches of cookies for our workplaces), and we're scheduled in to participate in a charity boot camp at the beach.  [...]  read more