Getting it done…a rare work post 

Last year could almost be summed up with one word.  Stress.  I say almost because I married my favourite person in the world in beautiful circumstances. Of course, that makes him worthy of a mention. But other than that it was all stress.  Today I started seeing so many positives at work, I finished the day … Read more

June update on the 2016 52’s list

52 in 52 for 2016

It is a wet, wet, wet day on the Sunshine Coast today. We’ve had a lot of rain overnight, and today they’re predicting more combined with the possibility of some severe storrms this afternoon. Needless to say, today I’m staying home.

So why not write a blog about how my 52’s are tracking?


Talk to my estranged sister

This one was incredibly tough for me. My sister and I had quite a dramatic falling out when I was a teenager, and for nearly 15 years I’ve barely said two words to her. I wouldn’t say I’ve been rude to her when I’ve seen her, I’ve just chosen to stay away or just say hi and that’s it.

This year, being the year that I’m getting married, I decided to try and make a conscious effort to bury it a bit. Well, I’ve done it, reached out and we’ve had dinner. Baby steps…

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Stress challenge day 7: Me time

How easy it is to slip into old habits! I decided to take a few days off the blogging while I went away for the weekend just over a week ago. Then last week was so full each night with training sessions or being crook, that I decided that rather than force myself into blogging … Read more

Stress challenge day 6: Disrupting your automatic stress response

I guess this can be summed up by the words: shit’s about to get real.

Stress level (rating of 1-10; 10 being worst)? 5
Notes: Today was a tough day, and as I write this I can identify that I’m not stressed so much as I am frustrated. I couldn’t get what I wanted today, and so everything just gets harder and the deadlines get tighter. But I have a plan on what I need to do, and the plan is action. I didn’t let myself get overwhelmed, I just repeated to myself “do only what you can do”.

I’ve spent the last 5 days trying to get myself to a point where I have reduced my stress levels and can objectively review how I react in situations. Now it’s time to get real, and start putting the plans into action.

It’s about to become more than words on paper.

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Stress challenge day 5: Take care of yourself

Today was a really interesting chapter, and it all centred around the whole “body is a temple” type of thing. It was interesting how they compared the effort that people go to with maintenance on cars, pets etc but never really give ourselves the same treatment. No, I don’t mean like shaving your legs (although ladies – seriously, if they’re more than stubble then I recommend you give it some attention stat). More like had a medical check up, a good night sleep, gym etc.

Think about it – if you don’t maintain your car then when they eventually break down you have a much bigger and costly problem.

On that note, let’s check in on how I’m doing.

Stress level (rating of 1-10; 10 being worst)? 4-5
Notes: One of the ladies that I work with today mentioned that I seemed more “zen”, which was really interesting and pleasing to hear. My workload at work is still unrelenting, and there are always some spot fires that need putting out, but I think I’ve embraced the whole “don’t stress over what you have no control over”. I’m trying to focus on priorities and setting expectations, and communicating what I can and can’t do. I’m getting a little bit better at leaving it at the door. I had a situation where normally I would be stressed and ropeable, and I think I managed myself pretty well in the circumstances. Something else happened after I left the office today which makes me a bit nervous about tomorrow, but I feel calm and able to think logically. I’m still waiting for the big test though.

Getting back to the challenge, the aim was to spend a bit of time looking after myself. Not just de-stressing, not just having a bath or a glass of wine, but something that is genuinely good for my long-term health.

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