Stress challenge day 7: Me time

How easy it is to slip into old habits!

I decided to take a few days off the blogging while I went away for the weekend just over a week ago. Then last week was so full each night with training sessions or being crook, that I decided that rather than force myself into blogging each night I would cut myself some slack and take a few nights off. I blinked, then suddenly a week had passed.

I took to my blog again tonight to write about the latest stress challenge, and re-evaluated my health and my ability to manage my stress last week. I was quite disappointed by what I saw. In a nut shell: [...]  read more

Stress challenge day 6: Disrupting your automatic stress response

I guess this can be summed up by the words: shit’s about to get real.

Stress level (rating of 1-10; 10 being worst)? 5
Notes: Today was a tough day, and as I write this I can identify that I’m not stressed so much as I am frustrated. I couldn’t get what I wanted today, and so everything just gets harder and the deadlines get tighter. But I have a plan on what I need to do, and the plan is action. I didn’t let myself get overwhelmed, I just repeated to myself “do only what you can do”. [...]  read more

Stress challenge day 5: Take care of yourself

Today was a really interesting chapter, and it all centred around the whole “body is a temple” type of thing. It was interesting how they compared the effort that people go to with maintenance on cars, pets etc but never really give ourselves the same treatment. No, I don’t mean like shaving your legs (although ladies – seriously, if they’re more than stubble then I recommend you give it some attention stat). More like had a medical check up, a good night sleep, gym etc. [...]  read more

Stress Challenge Day 4: Stop fighting

I’m slightly delayed with this post I know, but I have a good reason. See I went and had my massage yesterday afternoon, followed by visiting friends that just gave birth. By the time we got home it was after 9.30pm, and by that time it was more important to me to get to bed and try to get some quality sleep.

The massage was fantastic, but today I look like I’ve been punched in the face. I’d originally organised to just get a standard 60mins massage, but when I got there I decided to add the hot stones for an extra $20, and I’m totally glad I did. The masseuse said that she hadn’t seen anyone with my level of tension in quite a while, carried all through my shoulders and the back. This morning I can feel every section that she had to focus on, because my back muscles are sore. All for a great cause though right? [...]  read more

Stress Challenge Day 3: Get a massage

I honestly don’t think this particular challenge could have come at a better time; today was a hard day. The challenge was to book in a massage with the aim to rest your body and your mind, balance your hormones, reset the system and get some sort of relief.

So bearing that in mind, how are my stress levels right now?

Stress level (rating of 1-10; 10 being worst)? 6 right now, but it reached a peak of 8 today. I’m constantly re-evaluating my past ratings as the days go on and I realise how severe it can get (to make sure I’m keeping the ratings in perspective).
Notes: Today was a tough work day, which for obvious reasons I can’t disclose what happened. I’m proud of myself for making myself leave on time however, and also that I haven’t resumed working from home this evening. Instead I’ve enjoyed dinner with my fiancé, hung out the washing, and I’m now relaxing before bed. On a positive note I started the day off with a nice walk along the beach with my dog with a stunning sunrise, and then a boot camp following that. Exercise is definitely helping to keep more serious stress levels at bay, and I’m looking forward to a morning run tomorrow. [...]  read more