Stress Challenge Day 3: Get a massage

I honestly don’t think this particular challenge could have come at a better time; today was a hard day. The challenge was to book in a massage with the aim to rest your body and your mind, balance your hormones, reset the system and get some sort of relief.

So bearing that in mind, how are my stress levels right now?

Stress level (rating of 1-10; 10 being worst)? 6 right now, but it reached a peak of 8 today. I’m constantly re-evaluating my past ratings as the days go on and I realise how severe it can get (to make sure I’m keeping the ratings in perspective).
Notes: Today was a tough work day, which for obvious reasons I can’t disclose what happened. I’m proud of myself for making myself leave on time however, and also that I haven’t resumed working from home this evening. Instead I’ve enjoyed dinner with my fiancé, hung out the washing, and I’m now relaxing before bed. On a positive note I started the day off with a nice walk along the beach with my dog with a stunning sunrise, and then a boot camp following that. Exercise is definitely helping to keep more serious stress levels at bay, and I’m looking forward to a morning run tomorrow.

Today’s challenge is all about healing the mind and body through the use of human touch and massage. The book talks about not only professional massages, but the benefit in even engaging in massage with friends or partner (both giving and receiving). I plan on extending this out to my fiancé as well – the act of massage definitely brings people closer together, and I certainly know he wouldn’t complain!

As for me, I’ve booked in a massage for tomorrow afternoon. I was lucky enough to receive a voucher for my birthday from Mario’s parents and sister, and hadn’t made time to use it. What better time than now? I’ve booked in for a “Pure Indulgent Massage”, a full 60 minutes, with the Stress Relief Aromatherapy Oil Intensifier addition. Hell yeah! I’ve also got a couple of friends who have just recently taken up massage services, which I absolutely plan on taking advantage of in the future (if anyone on the Sunshine Coast is interested I highly recommend Emilie, another friend I’m not sure if they’re happy for me to pass on their details on my blog but will update in the future if appropriate).

Getting back to the point of the daily challenge, I find it quite interesting. How long since you’ve had a massage? How long since you’ve given your significant other one?

I issue a challenge to everyone reading this – go and give someone a massage. Help someone else de-stress a little bit!

This post is part of my 21-Day Stress challenge; for more information please see my background post here.

1 thought on “Stress Challenge Day 3: Get a massage”

  1. Congratulations again, Kelly. Another step taken. I was told years ago by my Principal that once you leave the grounds you forget about the workplace and its problems. Very difficult to do especially when there were still lessons to plan and prepare, assessments to write or mark, functions to plan and shopping. When I started work at the ATO, it caused me some angst initially, as I was not used to leaving all the work there and not bringing it home with me. Be careful that you don’t fall asleep during your massage – on the other hand it will show that you have relaxed.
    Up and onwards now.


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