Coffee and cookies

Confession – I just stress-ate a pile of cookies. I didn’t need them, they’ve made me feel like crap, but apparently I needed the emotional sugar high (or I’m premenstrual). Guess that strength I was feeling last night was short-lived. I’m working silly hours again because I have a project going live next week, and … Read more

Day 4: The Ripple Effect

It’s funny how when you change your routine just a little bit that the ripple effects can blow other stuff out of the water. This morning I was on the treadmill at 4am until 6am, clocking in a 10.5km walk. While I walked, instead of writing a blog post like I have the other days … Read more

15 quick updates about the last two weeks

It’s been a pretty crazy busy two weeks here at Kelly’s World. I thought instead of writing all of it in a long drawn out way (much like this sentence) I would write a quick bullet point list. After all, I freaking love lists (refer to my 52 list that I write every year, and … Read more

Weekly recap

I’ve not had much down time this week away from Luca that I could spend in front of the computer, hence the lack of posts. Right now we are in the car (Mario is driving), so I can write my weekly recap. Saw the paediatrician on Monday for his 6 week appointment – all ticks … Read more

Last day in the office (and they gave me boobies)

Well, that’s that; I’ve officially finished up in the office for the next 7.5 months. I’ve got another 2 weeks of working from home, before finally taking 2 weeks off before baby’s due date. it will be the longest break I’ve ever had from work since starting full-time work at aged 18. This week the … Read more