Weekly recap

I’ve not had much down time this week away from Luca that I could spend in front of the computer, hence the lack of posts. Right now we are in the car (Mario is driving), so I can write my weekly recap.

  • Saw the paediatrician on Monday for his 6 week appointment – all ticks of approval. It looks like he’s gaining between 200-300g a week, well above the required 150g. Not long and he’s going to have some substantial fat rolls! In a good way of course.
  • I’m focused on trying to get him some quality naps during the day. I’ve been working on recognising his sleep cues, which I think I’m getting better at. Now just to get better at actually settling him to sleep!
  • Thanks to some recommendations from friends I’m going to start trying white noise apps. The most success we’ve had getting him to sleep was when I held him while vacuuming, or when Mario was playing some music. Based on that it looks like noise is his friend, instead of a quiet room. The paediatrician said this week should be his worst week for sleep though, so hopefully it’s all up from here!
  • The little guy had his needles on Tuesday for his 6 weeks vaccination. He cried, but settled and fed straight away. The rest of the day he was quite drowsy, but back to normal by that evening. Champion!
  • He started smiling this week!! And I managed to catch it on camera after a not-so-great night

  • I went to my work Christmas party Friday afternoon – 3 hours away from the little man. It was exciting to see everyone, and Mario did great on his own with the little guy (and a substantial supply of expressed breast milk). Part of me misses being at work, it was so good to catch up.
  • Right now we are in the car to Brisbane – L’s first long car drive. Our family is having an early Christmas gathering as a substantial portion of them will be overseas on the actual day. We were meant to be going as well, but scrapped that plan when I fell pregnant. So far L is going well. We put him in the car milk drunk, he woke up 10mins later but the vibration sent him to sleep again. Here’s hoping for a smooth trip the rest of the way – an hour left to go!

I hope everyone has had a great week!

Let me know your thoughts!