Day 4: The Ripple Effect

It’s funny how when you change your routine just a little bit that the ripple effects can blow other stuff out of the water.

This morning I was on the treadmill at 4am until 6am, clocking in a 10.5km walk. While I walked, instead of writing a blog post like I have the other days I worked instead. I’ve got a major project launching tomorrow and I’m still rushing to get everything done.

I now find myself at 7.30pm at night, still working, and realising that if I don’t write a blog post now I’m going to miss it, and then I’ll have screwed up my 75 hard’ish. So here I am, avoiding the ripples that threaten to derail me.

Today has been stressful.

I have been working so hard lately. In the past 3 weeks I’ve had one day off. Some days (weekends) have only been a couple of hours, others have been 14 – 15 hour days. Today I think I’ve had about 3 hours off – 1 of those being the commute time to/from the office, about an hour in the morning getting ready for work, and hour at night eating dinner and falling asleep on the couch.

Any other day I would be stress eating. I wanted to stress eat today so badly.

This morning I realised my lunch had zucchini in it, and I do not do zucchini. At all. I’d rather fail the 75 hard’ish and restart than put that stuff in my mouth. So I traded my lunch for what my husband had planned for himself (a meatloaf and salad dish). When I was at work I was rationalising in my head why I would be able to go and buy a packet of chips or chocolate, and how that would still be acceptable (it wasn’t). I managed to fight my urges, maintain my self control, and stick to the plan.

I got through.

I am so beyond proud of myself for that. These are the challenges I’m fighting – a way to combat stress in a way that doesn’t result in excess calories and a big ass.

Here’s hoping for a successful launch tomorrow, and another solid day of habits.

But for now? Work time.

Let me know your thoughts!