Birthing story of our first born (emergency C section)

Precursor: bubby and I are completely safe and well, but we had an difficult birth.

The following is a recap of the birth of our first born. We had hoped for a relatively standard birth, and it turned out to be anything but. However, at the end of it we got a beautiful baby, which is the main thing!

I wrote this post the morning after, while still groggy on painkillers. I think I did alright! *grin*

Arriving at the hospital

Came in at 3.30am Monday morning after losing the mucus plug with blood in it. I didn’t realise there would be a fair bit more blood afterwards, so came in to check it out. I was having mild contractions every 5mins and a dull ache in the meantime. Baby’s heart rate was good though, so we decided to hang around until Dr James did his rounds in the morning to see if I was dilated or not. [...]  read more

The Pregnancy diary: 40 weeks

Well, I’ve hit the big 4-0 and still no baby. It’s clear that bub has my genetics when it comes to his knack for schedules. If he was anything like Mario, he would have arrived on Monday, just to make sure he definitely arrived before his due date. Since he’s like me, he’s probably only just realising that he was meant to be here today, and he’s rushing around trying to get ready. His arrival time is anyone’s guess.

So what’s the plan now?

More waiting. We’re basically giving it another week to see if he arrives of his own accord, and then we’ll figure out what we’re doing then. [...]  read more

Errands + baby brain = first day of maternity leave

This morning I woke up feeling rested, despite spending part of the night trying to erase the taste of vomit from my mouth. At 11pm the acid my heart burn had crawled up into my throat again and decided I should re-taste dinner. Thankfully I woke up, sat bolt upright and forced it back down. Then drank a s**t ton of water trying to rid of the taste while still coughing up the odd food particle. Nice, right? I stacked my pillows three high, and managed to get back to sleep eventually.

When I woke up again at 6.30 (there was a pee break in there at 3.30am), I felt pretty decent. I had a nice breakfast of avo on toast (prepared by Mario) and sat with my feet up until just after 8. I left home for a morning session with the chiro, before returning home with the intention of chilling out for a few hours. [...]  read more

My experience with antenatal colostrum expressing

When we first met our midwife at our OB’s office, she ran us through what would happen roughly week-by-week of the pregnancy. When she hit 36 weeks, she explained it would be time for me to begin “massaging my breasts” in preparation for milk, and if possible, collect colostrum.

I had two reactions:

  1. I laughed, and cracked a joke about making sure I gave Mario the heads up so he didn’t walk into the bedroom and get excited that it was a new form of foreplay
  2. Ask if that was the stuff that comes out of your boobs before milk (it was)

She explained that there’s a lot of benefits to collecting colostrum early. Some women actually find their breasts start leaking during pregnancy, but even if I wasn’t one of those women, that I could still express and collect it. Our bodies start to produce it early on in the pregnancy, but it wasn’t necessary to begin collection until later. [...]  read more

Maternity leave begins….NOW


Ok, so I’m actually on leave in 8 hours but who’s counting? Today I’ve hit 38 weeks, and it’s the last day I’ll be working until May. WOAH!

For the last two weeks I’ve been working from home, so it’s been an easier transition than I expected. I feel ready to step away. I do have to thank my boss and colleagues though, they’ve really made this a lot easier for me. They’ve been very supportive in taking over tasks, although it wasn’t easy for everyone already under pressure. [...]  read more