Errands + baby brain = first day of maternity leave

This morning I woke up feeling rested, despite spending part of the night trying to erase the taste of vomit from my mouth. At 11pm the acid my heart burn had crawled up into my throat again and decided I should re-taste dinner. Thankfully I woke up, sat bolt upright and forced it back down. Then drank a s**t ton of water trying to rid of the taste while still coughing up the odd food particle. Nice, right? I stacked my pillows three high, and managed to get back to sleep eventually.

When I woke up again at 6.30 (there was a pee break in there at 3.30am), I felt pretty decent. I had a nice breakfast of avo on toast (prepared by Mario) and sat with my feet up until just after 8. I left home for a morning session with the chiro, before returning home with the intention of chilling out for a few hours. [...]  read more

5 pretty ordinary baby brain moments

This entire pregnancy I had been priding myself on not having a typical “baby brain” moment. They say that baby brain causes a bit of a foggy mind, lack of focus and forgetfulness etc. Recent news debunks it, so I guess you can choose whether or not you believe it.

What  I can tell you is that based on my recent experience I can tell you with a lot of confidence:

I’ve been a bit of a dumbass lately.

At first I thought it was because I was saving my brain power for work. Yet even this week, I’ve had a few shocking moments. Thank god our development team are patient with me. There’s been so many times I’ve used the face palm emoticon on Skype and apologised. [...]  read more