5 pretty ordinary baby brain moments

This entire pregnancy I had been priding myself on not having a typical “baby brain” moment. They say that baby brain causes a bit of a foggy mind, lack of focus and forgetfulness etc. Recent news debunks it, so I guess you can choose whether or not you believe it.

What  I can tell you is that based on my recent experience I can tell you with a lot of confidence:

I’ve been a bit of a dumbass lately.

At first I thought it was because I was saving my brain power for work. Yet even this week, I’ve had a few shocking moments. Thank god our development team are patient with me. There’s been so many times I’ve used the face palm emoticon on Skype and apologised.

For these 5 moments though, I have no words:

Kel’s dumb baby brain moments

  1. I’ve lost count of how many times I have stood up from my desk and gone for a walk, wondering why I had a sore ass. Every time without fail I’ve realised that I’ve been sitting on my office keys (ha – not so rude as what you thought).  When going out for lunch I put them into my butt pocket of my jeans so that I can get back through the security door when I get back. Maternity jeans don’t have pockets at the front by the way. Apparently it’s incredibly difficult for me to either remember to take them out when I return to my office, or figure out when I sit down that I’m sitting on something and to remove them. Maybe all of my butt padding that I’ve gained through the pregnancy?
  2. Continuing on my butt pocket theme, my phone ended up in the toilet bowl for the exact same reason this week! Thankfully it was dropped in before there had been any business, so the water was as clean as it could be in a toilet. Luckily no damage was done, and my phone is working as perfectly as ever. Phew!
  3. Halfway through cleaning up after dinner I just wandered out of the kitchen and left it half-done. I returned back to the couch to watch telly without a second thought. There were dishes that still needed to be washed up, and the dishwasher wasn’t fully loaded. It wasn’t until Mario wandered in and commented on it that I realised. Oops! His job is to do the cooking, and mine is to do the cleaning, so no idea what my train of thought was!
  4. I took some lunch to work during the week, part of which included a cheese slice to put in the fridge. The plan was to make myself a toasted cheese & tomato sandwich for lunch. I discovered said slice of cheese still in my insulated lunch bag on Friday afternoon when I was leaving to come home. I grabbed the bag and got home, and again forgot all about it. Friday night Mario discovered it when he was getting something else from the bag for me; I just saw it, hung my head in shame and laughed. I still can’t remember what I actually ate on Wednesday.
  5. I am a stickler for replacing empty toilet rolls. Seeing an empty roll just kills me, especially if someone has taken it off the roll holder, but left it on the counter. Mario has been on the receiving end of a couple of lectures, particularly since the bin in the bathroom is only just over 1m away. Guess who has been the one leaving the empty roll around? I take it off to replace it, then completely forget and wander away!

Are you seeing a trend here? If it’s not in my butt pocket, it’s getting left behind!

Thankfully I haven’t done anything too serious yet, although the iPhone issue could have been worse. I’m glad the iPhone 7S is apparently water resistant for quick drops and spills! I’ve heard stories of people leaving wallets on the roof of cars and the like, so I’m relieved I haven’t done that! All of my stuff has been pretty tame in comparison.

For those friends of mine that have been pregnant, or their partner has been pregnant, what’s the worst thing that happened to you?

Let me know your thoughts!