Count down until maternity leave

I can’t believe how fast the last months have gone. I’ve blinked, and suddenly I’m carrying a basketball in my belly and there’s only 5.5 weeks left of work. 3.5 weeks until I leave from the office, with the remaining two weeks being from home. Where did the time go?

I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself at work at the moment. The cracks are showing. I cried this morning out of frustration, and it’s not a nice feeling. I just have so much I want to get done before I go, and I’m not getting through things as fast as I need to. There’s just so much crying for my attention, and people who need things from me. The problem is that I don’t want to get to a point where it’s time to leave, then I dust my hands and say “it’s not my problem”.

Making sure everyone is prepared is my problem.

A self-induced problem, but my problem nonetheless. There’s no one else demanding that of me, and they’re just trying to make use of the time I have while I have it. I’m just putting the pressure on myself to make sure that where I spend my time is on the long-term success stuff, and when it’s not I get frustrated.

Of course, this plan assumes the baby is not coming early as well.

Wonder how my odds are looking for the gamble.

I can tell you right now if the baby was to come on any day, my priorities would change faster than I can say “yes I want some ice cream”. Right now, I am super fast at ice cream collection. And now I want some ice cream. I think we have some in the freezer.

Seriously though, I know when he comes nothing else will matter. Until then, I just don’t want to leave my work colleagues to pick up the pieces.

I’m also trying to think of what I’m going to do on maternity leave. I have to keep reminding myself it’s not like any other holiday I’ve been on before. I’m likely to be feeling pretty uncomfortable, and I’m assuming I won’t want to move too much. In which case, is it just a ton of movies and reading time?

Ladies who have had babies, what are the final two weeks like?

And does anyone feel like coming over and delivering me some ice cream so I can stay on the couch?

4 thoughts on “Count down until maternity leave”

  1. Haha, love your little updates Kel 🙂 i worked up till my last week so only had 6 days off before Ivy arrived, but yes, as you’ve gathered you will probably be a bit uncomfortable, all I can say is rest, (in saying that, I think a little exercise is good too) you will have enough washing/cleaning etc to do soon, and a gorgeous little bub to look after.

  2. I can highly recommend taking it a bit easier on yourself in the next five weeks, and really give yourself a transition out. Let the people around you step up and fill the void before you leave.

    I left work 2/3 of the way through the day on a Tuesday because I was unwell and that was it. Hospital for me before Evelyn was born and no farewell, no final handover, and they were fine.

    No idea about the final two weeks 😉 hopefully you will get plenty of rest.

  3. I had 4 weeks before baby arrived so longer than most as she was 2 weeks late. I volunteered at an Op shop 2 mornings a week, went to pregnancy swimming/yoga classes. Cleaned the house, prepared meals that I froze, read books and spent time with my mum/sister & nephews.
    Met all my mother’s group babies that were born during that time and heard all their labour stories!
    Oh and drank raspberry leaf tea (good for labour)


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