Hypercolour belly button

Today I’ve hit 33 weeks of my pregnancy, and I still have an inny belly button. Just.

I also have a hypercolour belly button. If you don’t get that reference you were not a 90s kid.

I’m assuming that it’s a result of the stretching that’s going on. Either that, or my belly button is seeing the light of day for the first time, and I have a terrible sunscreen application technique. Take a look for yourself!

I have to admit it makes me laugh every time I see it. My body is certainly not magazine model material for a pregnancy, but it’s doing a pretty damn good job at growing a child.

I don’t know whether it’s safe to say at this point whether my belly button is going to remain an inny or not. I’m guessing it’s still possible to pop as my tummy stretches out even further. I’m lucky that I haven’t got any stretch marks yet although I’m definitely not going to count myself out of the woods for that. I’ve heard some people only got them days out from going into labour. I guess I will only know once the baby is out.

It’s crazy how much my stomach is changing every day. I truly feel like I’m carrying a basketball strapped to my stomach now. Look at the pic above – it’s so round! My back is starting to ache more if I’m standing, and sitting is getting awkward. Wednesday night I had the worst sleep in a long time, and couldn’t function. I got out of bed, took a few steps, and went back to bed. Everything hurt and I needed to rest. Sick day from work it was.

I spent the day largely on the couch. I alternated between Netflix and napping. I also managed to finish a scarf I had been knitting (blog post incoming – it was a 52 goal). It was the laziest day I’ve had in a long time but I clearly needed it. I feel much better for it.

Besides, when the baby comes I won’t have an option of bed or not. It’s forever a not. So I have to take the opportunity for recuperation while I’ve got it, right?

Let me know your thoughts!