The pregnancy Diary: 33 weeks

They say that technically a baby is full term from 37 weeks on. That means we’re officially within a month of the baby being full term, and only 7 weeks from reaching the big 4-0 weeks! I’ve written about a few random things here and there since, but nothing to recap how I’m actually feeling. It’s definitely time for an update.

Things are becoming uncomfortable

I’m now at the size where things are starting to get uncomfortable. Sitting on the couch at home if I’m trying to eat something using the coffee table to rest my food on I have to sit like a sumo. Legs spread wide, belly hanging low! There are jokes there to be made about my spread legs and how we ended up in this situation.


Getting up off the couch is quite an ordeal. I have to rock forward to get up – it’s not pretty.

Sitting on the chair at work I tend to leave my butt at the front of the chair and lean back so my body spreads out. It’s helping me to breathe, and not squash baby. Mario will be bringing the fitball from work home for me so that I can take that to the office. That way I can sit on that with my hips tilted forward. If I slouch forward too much, bub doesn’t hesitate to kick me to tell me I’m squishing him!

I get easily winded now, and trying to walk and talk can be a challenge. The stairs at work are a great workout. It’s going to be quite a shock to the system when I get back into the fitness after he’s born!

Sleeping is getting tough. I’m tossing and turning, and most nights wake up with cramps in my legs or bum. The night I sprayed magnesium spray on my legs I didn’t get a single cramp anywhere on them; I got cramps in my butt cheeks instead! My nightly routine now consists of cocoa butter on my belly, and magnesium spray nearly covering my entire legs and butt. It’s quite the ordeal!

Baby is running out of room

He’s really starting to grow and pop out now. My tummy is starting to resemble a basketball or watermelon, really taking on that round shape.

The other night was the first time I felt him really kicking into my ribs. Mario put his hand on my rib, and felt a swift 4-kick combo directly under my rib cage. At one point he was actually putting so much pressure on my ribs it felt like it was hard to breathe on that side of my body!

His head is down already, which the doctor was impressed by. Knowing that bub has Mario’s genetics, it’s likely that bub has done his research and following the plan exactly: get the right position, grow, and make sure he’s on time. Or more likely, come a day early just so he’s definitely not late (Mario is that kind of guy that will get there 40mins early so he’s not late).

A mental check in

I’m doing really well. I feel calm and prepared. It’s going to hurt, but it’s all part of the process, and for a good reason. Yet I’m not scared.

I have felt this confidence suddenly come into my system. I have this blind faith in myself that no matter what challenge is thrown out me that I will handle it. My “birth plan” with the doctor is to just breathe, and to listen to my body and my doctor. I’m happy to go with the flow and do whatever is required for both baby and I to be healthy. How that happens will be determined on the day.

After he’s born, and we begin to raise him I’m sure there will be tears. There will be days where I don’t feel good enough or I feel that I’m doing things wrong. Yet I just have this feeling that I will be OK. I’ll figure it out. I have a great support network around me.

Burn baby burn

I have whinged quite a bit about my heartburn. The worst was on the weekend just gone, where I spent 20mins on the floor of the bathroom alternating between my head over the toilet vs leaning on the wall. Finally I ended up sticking my fingers down my throat. I threw up, and instantly felt so much better. It’s not something I’m planning on repeating, mind you, but it worked a treat that night.

Heartburn sucks – there’s no denying that.

However I will take that any day over any complications. We have been extremely lucky to have a very smooth pregnancy. Yes, I’ve been tired and fatigued. My throat burns and I have to sleep on an incline. I’ve had a virus and flu, and my immune system is shot. Most healthy foods react with my body and make me feel sick. I survive on carbs with some sort of filling.


I have a healthy baby.

I would take every bit of inconvenience and pain if it means that he comes out without a scratch. I’m so proud of how well my body has been able to look after him. It took a while to actually understand and appreciate my body, but I get it now.

So….what now?

I have my baby shower on the weekend! I can’t wait to just hang out with everyone and catch up! It’s going to be a lot of fun. Thank you to my friends and family in advance for organising it for me! It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Only 2.5 weeks left in the office, with another 2 weeks working from home after that. It’s going quick!

We’re on the home stretch, where our lives change in ways we never could have imagined.

Let me know your thoughts!